Turning Breakdowns Into Breakthroughs

art of encore living personal development Aug 08, 2022

Life's challenges can precipitate a breakdown.

But life's difficulties (and disasters) can also catalyze a breakthrough.

My breakdown moment came just as I was entering midlife.

I thought I had myself and my life all figured out, and it was running more or less on autopilot.

And then it all came apart, went sideways, and crashed.

I was completely broken (and stayed that way for over a year).

But thanks to family, friends, a good therapist, excellent coaching, and lots of inner work, I became utterly broken open.

And wondrous things began to unfold. 

A hidden wholeness I'd forgotten I possessed began to emerge.

I became less anxious and angry about my situation and better able to acknowledge what was happening and take intentional action to influence better results.

I became clearer about who I am (and who I had been) and who I wished to become.

I began to set clear boundaries about what I did and did not do and who I did and did not let in.

I defined the essentials in my life and focused on mastering them effortlessly.

Life became more uncomplicated, and I navigated it with more ease, equanimity, and joy.

Is my life still fraught?

Of course. Any life worth living is.

But I now see life's difficulties and disasters as discoveries and lessons.

There are no roadmaps for navigating midlife crises (or crises at any other age).

But you already possess a compass, and there are guides and fellow travelers all around you.

Find your inner compass and seek your guides and fellow travelers.

Advice worth heeding even before difficulties and disasters arise.

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at The Art of Encore Living

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