The Virtues of Overwhelm

personal development Mar 02, 2020
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We live in a world full of information and distraction. In this world, overwhelm can be a real and debilitating response. Confronted with an abundance of  stimuli and choices, we may well choose to do nothing.

And sometimes, doing nothing can be an entirely appropriate response.

Overwhelm is a fraught subject, for sure!

At the same time…

Overwhelm is a result of an abundance of opportunity. It can be reframed as an invitation to make a decision and own a choice.

Just typing that, I feel tension. How about you?

And yet…

If you aspire to make a difference, that’s the gig.

If you're to level up as a difference maker, you'll have to face the overwhelm and become a decision maker.

And, here's your next chance to exercise your decision making muscle and step into possibility as a change agent.

The thing about choices is they want to be chosen. Making the best decision you can in this moment places us in a new moment with new choices and another decision to make.

Drip by drip, step by step, weighing, framing, and then making choices in service of the change we seek to make with and for the people we serve is the posture of a professional doing work that matters.

Without a doubt, these endeavors are challenging and fraught. Which is probably why they're worth it.

Let's keep making decisions and making a difference together!

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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