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personal development storytelling May 19, 2021
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Trauma can break a person. It can also break you open to possibility. It took such a moment for me to realize that I was complicit in creating my own suffering.

Negative narratives I crafted about myself, my experiences, and how I measured up (or more often didn't), to those around me fueled my frustration, anger, and bitterness.

Choose your story, choose your future. Why do so many of us choose stories that block or harm us?

We grow deeply attached even to the most unhealthy stories we tell ourselves. Familiarity doesn't always breed contempt. More often it cultivates complacency and even comfort.

We stop seeking to deliver on our promise because not only might it not work out, we may end up worse off. Even scarier (and more likely) we may discover the limitlessness of our potential

Far too often we doubt our own worthiness. We dare not ask for, nor strive for better. We allow our imposter to keep us humiliated and hiding. We go along with the herd and the status quo. We stop ourselves from acting "as if" by cycling on frightening tales about "what if."

We can develop a pathological delight in our unhappiness. There's a seductive deliciousness to despair. We find solace in settling for lack. The siren call of our victim narratives are especially enticing.

And yet...

The reason we suffer is because our inner wisdom knows better. We are boundless. We are capable of so much more and better than we can even imagine. That wee small voice does not give up. Its whispered words of aspiration and encouragement persist.

Why are you ignoring that voice? Why are you letting your inner critic bully and berate it? Why don't you heed its call to step into and stay in your power. Why do you not engage your authority to be the agent of your destiny and share your power?

Now is the time. The time is now. Rise. Stand up to be seen and speak up to be heard. It all begins with just one small step into possibility.

Choose your story, choose your future.

Who do you wish to become? Tell us. Inspire us. Invite us. Help us help you. Lead us toward better. We need you to live into your story of becoming and what might be.

Scott Perry, Difference-Maker Coach at Creative on Purpose.

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