The Power of Purpose

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Scott Perry Promoting a Blog Post About the Power of Purpose

What is the power of identifying a purpose for your life?

Purpose has incredible health benefits (for instance, it lowers incidences of stroke, dementia, and heart disease).

For difference-makers like you and me, however, purpose also boosts motivation, productivity, resilience, and focus. 

Let's focus on focus for a minute.

Purpose shifts your attention. It takes it off yourself and puts it onto others and the task before you.

And purpose helps you avoid obsessive self-rumination (the root cause of anxiety and depression).

So, purpose is a forcing function to look outside yourself.

Purpose also creates immunity. It protects you from yourself. Purpose helps you avoid being tripped up by unhealthy desires or blindsided by the dark side of your passion.

But here's another fantastic benefit. Purpose attracts. It inspires others and attracts them to your cause.

Purpose becomes a force multiplier—fellow travelers catalyze motivation, productivity, resilience, and focus.

Affiliation based on shared purpose provides financial, physical, intellectual, creative, and emotional support.

Purpose is powerful.

Ready to embrace the power of purpose to transform your life?

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h/t Rian Doris

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at The Art of Encore Living

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