The Possibilitist

personal development Apr 13, 2020
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What do you call someone who looks for and steps into possibility despite uncertainty or adversity?

I call a person who cultivates and demonstrates that approach a possibilitist.

A possibilitist is someone :

  • who sees the opportunity, lesson, or a silver lining in any situation.
  • who frames circumstances to reveal choices.
  • who sets their aim and plans with intention and integrity.
  • who's instinct is to find the others and lean in together.
  • who accepts what happens and then starts again.

 A possibilitist isn't reactive or reckless. Advancing into uncertainty requires responsiveness and deliberation. Their impulse is to not hesitate, hide, or hinder. Instead a possibilitist's instinct is to acknowledge, act, and advance.

I'm a possibilitist. What about you?

Let's see and step into possibility together.

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at C reative on Purpose!

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