The Day I Met Seth Godin (And How He Made Cry…)!

creativity personal development stoicism Nov 15, 2017
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If you have a minute, I’d like to tell you a quick story.

If you check out The Stoic Creativative on Amazon, you’ll probably take note of this 5-star review.

“Scott will open your eyes to a different way of doing work that matters. His generous, persistent, consistent belief in our ability to level up and contribute comes through. This is time well spent.” Seth Godin

Yes, that review came from the Seth Godin. Seth is the best-selling author of Purple Cow and 17 other books, the creator of the altMBA and The Marketing Seminar, and the longest-running and most read blogger I know.

He’s also one of my heroes.

“How Did You Get Seth Godin to Review Your Handbook?”

I get this question a lot!

The truth is, I didn’t “get” Seth to do anything! I never even asked him to look at my handbook!

A Bit of Back Story

I'm an altMBA6 graduate and was invited by Seth to participate in the first run of The Marketing Seminar in the summer of 2017. Both were transformational experiences!

It was during TMS that I decided to put what I was learning into action and began writing The Stoic Creative. I completed it by the end of The Marketing Seminar and successfully released it.

A little later that same summer my wife and I were traveling through New York City on my way to teach at a guitar retreat hosted by my friend, Martin Taylor. I wrote Seth and asked if I could steal a minute of his time to thank him for the impact his work has had on me. He agreed.

We met one Monday morning in late August at his office for about 30 minutes. Seth was gracious and generous. He asked me questions about the book and gave me tips on how to continue to market it. As I left, Wes Kao, head of the altMBA, snapped the picture below.

What Happened Next

My wife and I then proceeded a few hours up the road to the guitar retreat. It was at a resort in the Catskills. I had no cellular signal for a week.

When we left the retreat, my wife drove so I could catch up with email and other online stuff on my phone. I snuck a peek at my Handbook reviews and couldn’t believe my eyes when I read Seth’s thoughtful summary.

I may have even cried a little….

Okay. I cried a lot!

Meeting and speaking with one of your heroes is one thing. Having them publicly praise and promote your work is quite another. I was overwhelmed!

If you’re familiar with Seth’s work, you know why he’s one of the most respected and trusted authors and teachers out there. He doesn’t speak or act unless it’s with a specific intent and impact. To have my work recognized and recommended by Seth Godin is the highest praise I could have ever dreamed.

Keep flying higher!

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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