The Conscious Creative

creativity personal development Dec 01, 2021

How do you define creativity?

For me, it’s simply the act of bringing something into the world that didn’t previously exist. A bird building a nest, a plant bearing fruit, a volcano spewing ash and lava—all are creative acts.

We witness creative activity throughout nature and the cosmos. Human beings, however, can bring something novel to their creative endeavors—consciousness. You and I can be creative on purpose.

This matters. It matters a lot.

That you and I can explicitly employ our creativity on, with, and for a purpose has an implicit responsibility attached to it. Creatives break things. Things are as they are, and then the creative brings forth something new. Suddenly what was is no longer what is.

And that can be a good thing. Deliberately destroying by design is how the conscious creatives make things better.

Conscious creatives have developed better products, businesses, and services, of course. Being creative on purpose has also inspired people to craft better art, communities, and causes.

How can you bring greater consciousness to your creative enterprises? Here are a few ideas that leap to mind.

Awareness - This is the very definition of consciousness. You must first see and accept your power as a creative.

Attention - Along with time and energy, one of your most precious resources. What you pay attention to tells us everything we need to know about who you are.

Trust - A creative’s most precious asset. Earning others’ trust begins when you trust yourself and your process.

Permission - Creativity is always collaborative. You can’t create meaningful change for the better without consensus.

Enrollment - Making things better isn’t a destination. It’s a process. Everyone involved must be enrolled in the journey.

Investment - You can’t think or learn your way into a better way of being. Everyone involved must have skin in the game and be willing to do the real work.

What is the creative endeavor in which are you engaged? How can you bring a little more conscious creativity to that effort today?

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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