The Affirmation Trap

personal development Mar 23, 2022

I used to be a bit of an affirmation junkie.

You know, those positive self-statements espoused by self-help gurus like Louise Hay, Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins, and countless others.

Things like, “I am smart, funny, and attractive.”

But these affirmations never worked.

Turns out there’s scientific evidence that defines why positive affirmations are ineffective. Affirmations speak to the conscious mind and not to the subconscious where our negative self-narratives reside.

What to do?

Instead of affirmations, make interrogations instead.

Questions are powerful. They encourage us to get curious and probe for answers. Interrogation encourages us to explore and access your inner resources and step into your potential in endeavors that matter to you.

Here are my current interrogations:

  • Am I a loving husband, father, and grandfather?
  • Am I being and becoming more and better than what I’ve been?
  • Am I sufficient as I strive?
  • Am I the story of my choosing?
  • Am I inspiring and insightful?
  • Am I present and created a process that helps others make progress?
  • Do I see, step into, stay in, share my power and help those I serve to do the same?
  • Do I enhance my life by elevating the lives of others?
  • Am I a leader of leaders?
  • Do I make a difference?
  • Do I live my legacy?

What about you? What are the more beautiful questions you’re asking yourself today that will help you find your way into being a better you?

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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