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personal development Sep 08, 2021
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Five years ago, I decided to make a change. Twenty-five years into a thriving career as a musician and guitar teacher, I decided I was going to do something else entirely.

Granted, at the time, I had no idea what that was going to be. But I did have a plan—thrash my way to clarity by writing and broadcasting about my adventures in difference-making every week.

Okay, so as plans go, it wasn't very well-conceived. But the alternative, at least as I saw it then, was to remain inert and awaiting insight and inspiration. That seemed like an even worse plan, so I commenced thrashing.

My endeavor began as many do, ugly and unclear. It took two-and-a-half years for the Creative on Purpose to come into focus.

That's a lot of thrashing, even for someone whose family has nicknamed him "Mr. Overdo-It-Man." And yet...

I have no regrets. As I dialed in what I did and defined who it was for, fellow travelers like you emerged. Readership of the blog and books grew. Coaching programs enrolled more and more clients. And a community of difference-makers convened.

Shift happened. Why?

Because people like you invested your time, attention, and trust in Creative on Purpose's core principles and practices.

  • You enhance your life most through endeavors that serve others.
  • You can make a bigger difference by making better decisions.
  • Legacy isn't what you leave behind, it's the difference you make now.

Creative on Purpose doesn't promise fame and fortune through endeavors that make a difference. Instead, we promise that fulfillment and flourishing are available to anyone willing to define, develop, and deliver the difference only they can make and adopt a discipline of stepping into your potential and possibility daily.

Fate permitting, I can't wait to see what difference we all make in the next five years.

Thank you for the time and attention you lend Creative on Purpose. Thanks even more for the way you show up and do the work every day. It matters, and you make a difference.

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Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose.

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