Right Now It's Not My Turn

personal development Jun 08, 2020
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When you're a committed difference maker, the impulse to try to make things better is strong. The default posture for people like us is to leap to action and lead. We want to help and think the best way is for us to do something now.

I wonder if the more helpful thing for some of us to do right now is to pause, pay attention, and listen? Maybe this is a moment when some of us should resist the urge to stand up and speak up. Perhaps some of us can better serve others and the situation by collecting dots before connecting them.

For some of us, the hard part about work that matters is sitting with the tension of unknowing and uncertainty. We're programmed to jump in and thrash our way to clarity. Often we are quick to judge and slow to consider.

We have that quite backward.

If you think you might be "some of us," let's make some time and space for seeing, hearing, and understanding the perspectives and lived experiences of others before we chime in with what needs to happen next.

I believe, more strongly than ever, that we enhance our lives most through endeavors that serve others.

And yet...

Before we start to step together through a broken status quo and into a better possibility, we must agree on the journey we're all enrolling in and recognize that it may be someone else's turn to lead.

h/t Randah Taher on the title of this post.

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose.

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