Restoring Trust

personal development Jun 02, 2021
image of broken heart to support blog post about broken trust

It's said that trust takes years to earn but can be lost in an instant. Frankly, that doesn't ring absolutely true to me. I'm not sure a healthy definition of trust is that fragile.

And yet...

I've been on the receiving and delivering end of broken trust. I've experienced the suffering that can come from either side firsthand and with some frequency.

When trust is broken, it can break us. We can become bitter, depressed, or filled with despair. If you have been in an intimate relationship, you have experienced this.

But it's also possible to reframe a violation of trust as an opportunity to be broken open–a chance to embrace the folly of overinvestment in something profoundly fraught.

Human beings are fascinating and fickle. This is true of me and true of you.

Yes, broken trust can break us. But if we work through the initial pain and suffering and surrender to being broken open, we can also nurture grace, resilience, and redemption. Our grief will subside, and we can become more compassionate toward others and ourselves.

Trust is a story. Choose your story, choose your future. When trust is broken, what story do you want to embrace?

Scott Perry, Difference-Maker Coach at Creative on Purpose.

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