Origin Story

personal development Apr 05, 2021
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Origin stories are often told as if they were well-planned road trips. The truth is, most meaningful endeavors are born of chaos, confusion, challenge, or crisis.

The epiphany that ended my odyssey to define what and who Creative on Purpose is for came thanks to a misstep that almost ended my life. 

I hope your moment of realization was (or will be) less dramatic. 

Regardless, any enterprise’s value has little to do with how it begins (or ends, for that matter). The significance of your venture lies in the generosity of your intentions and the quality of your efforts. 

Living your legacy by flying higher in the difference only you can make isn’t for everyone. Defining, developing, and delivering your promise and stepping into your potential doesn’t come with any guarantees. The reward lies not within the call to adventure nor in your return but in the journey itself. 

Sure, take a moment to remember and celebrate how your undertaking began. But then reflect on these questions. What’s going on in your project now? Where are you heading next? When do you take the next step? Who can you invite to come along? Why does it matter?

Scott Perry, Difference-Maker Coach at Creative on Purpose.

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