Old Rivers and Long Bridges

personal development Nov 19, 2019
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The bridge pictured above runs across the New River Gorge in Fayetteville, WV. 

The New River is one of the oldest on earth and one of the very few that runs North instead of South. Old and contrary, remind you of anyone. ;)

The bridge is one of the longest and highest ever constructed. It connects people and places that were disconnected before it existed. It took thousands of people and several years to build a bridge that made things better. 

No wonder it's one of my favorite places!

I've been developing Creative on Purpose for as many years as it took to build the bridge across the New River Gorge. I value the time and attention of everyone who lends this endeavor some of their valuable time and attention.

If you haven’t visited Creative on Purpose recently and go there now, you might not recognize it. The branding, promise, and offerings are clearer and more intentional than ever before.

We're on a mission to help others connect with meaningful endeavors and each other to change things for the better.

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose.

Ready to get going with the difference only you can make? Start living your legacy. It's time to be creative on purpose!

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