Natalie Nixon - Be a clumsy student of something.

tips from podcast guests Aug 06, 2021

Insight and inspiration for flying higher in the difference only you can make from guests who have appeared on Creative on Purpose Live.

This week's wisdom comes from Natalie Nixon, author of The Creativity Leap. Tune into the entire conversation here.

[Natlie] You know it comes down to a phrase I like to use a lot, which I'm getting feedback
from people that they that it resonates with them, which is to be a clumsy
student of something. 

And that involves practicing what I call the baby food method of unpacking things, reverse engineering, deconstructing it, and taking the incremental steps. I think when we are a student of something it's also about what you've been saying in our conversation, which is living things out loud, airing it out, oxygenating it. It's showing the work in progress.

There is this real stranglehold that a lot of us have. I have struggled with it myself, which is.... And my husband would always be counseling me when he would see me get to those moments of hesitation and struggle, where he would remind me, "Don't let perfection be the enemy of good." Right?

We need someone in our corner reminding us of that so that we bravely step out on stage, or on the corner, or on a zoom video, and share, "This is something I've been working on, this is something I've been thinking about." Because if you work on it in isolation only you're not actually doing the idea service. Right?

You have to air it out, you have to get feedback incorporated. So I would say be
a clumsy student in something, and I'm a clumsy student of the tango and foxtrot and right now.

Natalie just shared a great way to return us to the wonder and rigor of beginner's mind. Where are you being a clumsy student today?

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose.

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