Michael O'Brien - What it takes to get there.

tips from podcast guests Dec 24, 2021

Insight and inspiration for flying higher in the difference only you can make from guests who have appeared on Creative on Purpose Live.

This week's wisdom comes from a conversation with Michael O'Brien, Chief Calm Officer at Pause Breathe Reflect. Tune into this entire conversation here.

[Michael] "My message, I hope, is very relatable—that you can have complete success. That you can be the best version of who you can be.

You don't have to compare yourself to the famous people online. You can get there, and it doesn't have to take a near-death accident like I had or something else to make that happen.

So part of its vision. Part of its inspiration from a whole bunch of other people. And faith that I will get back up again, even if it's a bit of a wonky mess next week. You know, keep trying to take steps to prevent that from happening."

Michael delivered a powerful call to action that you can get there in your endeavor with vision, inspiration, and faith. What's your vision? Who's inspiring you today? How are you leveraging faith in what you're striving for?

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose.

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