Is life happening to you...?

personal development Mar 01, 2021
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Is life happening to you or through you?

The victim's role is enticing. When the story you tell yourself is that life is happening to you, you're off the hook. "People and forces beyond my control are conspiring against me, oh woe is me." You might even seduce a few friends and family to take pity or lend a hand.

While a seductive place to hide, the "life is happening to me" narrative is a lie. Yes, almost everything and everyone is beyond your control. Yet, you possess all you need to assume agency over your experience and influence a better 'what's next.'

Frame yourself and your situation without destructive value judgments and devoid of negative emotional attachments. Choose a small strategic step into a better possibility and take it. Amplify a healthier mindset by choosing and stepping with gratitude, grace, and generosity.

Embracing the inherent uncertainty and inevitable adversity of a journey into potential is easier when done with and for others and with appreciation. Life isn't happening to you. It's happening through you.

Owning your journey, serving others, and leaning in with intention and integrity doesn't ensure you'll end up where you wish. However, you'll experience less loneliness and sadness and more joy and purpose as you continue to move toward someplace better.

So, what narrative are you choosing today? Is life happening to you or through you?

Scott Perry, Difference-Maker Coach at Creative on Purpose. 

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