Is it time to reset?

personal development Jul 28, 2021
line drawn on sports field

In sports, halftime is a scheduled pause in play. An opportunity for teams to reset–a time to rethink strategy and recalibrate tactics before resuming play. It's scheduled chronologically, midway in the action, but sometimes provides space for a timeless and even transformative moment.

As a difference-maker engaged in an endeavor to make things better, halftime can feel like an elusive, even impossible, thing to nail down. There's rarely a clear starting point and never a real end to the game of making meaningful change happen.

But here's the thing, any time can be halftime in a life dedicated to work that matters.

Halftime can be halfway through a co-working session, midway through a day, during a break in a meeting, in the middle of a project, betwixt and between a [INSERT MOMENT HERE].

Time is a story, a construct. It's all made up. Choose your moment. Insert the pause you need to zoom out, reconnect with your core values, recommit to your vision and mission, reassess your immediate goals and plan, and re-engage with the right people.

Are things going a little sideways or topsy turvy in your endeavor? Do you feel shaken, not stirred? Has the project you're working on or the conversation you're having gone pear-shaped?Or maybe you're just a bit stuck and unable to get out of your own way?What happens if you declare halftime and reset?

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose.

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