I'm a Weirdo.

personal development storytelling Nov 10, 2021
child with map

 I'm a weirdo.


Thinking back, even my earliest memories were about searching for something I couldn't quite define or describe and looking for signposts and maps to direct me there.


What about you? Do you find yourself in a coddiwomple? Purposely stepping toward a vague or unknown destination?


Maybe you're a weirdo too?


What is it about people like us who do things like this? Why can't we just be content with the tried and true? Follow the rules? Mind our place? Follow the herd? Stick with the status quo?


The truth is, I don't know. Do you?


There is one thing I've learned that has made all the difference in building Creative on Purpose into a prosperous and thriving enterprise—there is no map that can show you the way to your destiny.


Maps can only show you where others are and how they got there. If you're going to find your way into your purpose, you need a compass, and you need to learn how to use it.


I've been extraordinarily privileged and lucky. I had a great childhood and education. I leveraged that into good jobs that supported my family and me while developing a career in music.


I made the leap into performing and teaching full-time and rode that success for decades. All the while, the same questions gnawed at me that have since childhood. Is this all? Can't you be more and do better?


Participating in the altMBA and being contracted as an Akimbo Workshop head coach provided the insights and inspiration I needed to refine my focus, develop my discipline, and lean into the work of building my "what's next" in collaboration with others.


It wasn't easy. I spent years in the wilderness chasing ideas into tangled briar patches and down long rabbit holes. It was sometimes exhilarating. More often, it was exhausting.


What motivated me to keep going? I live by a simple motto, don't die with the difference only you can make still inside.


When did things turn around? When I trusted myself enough to invest in myself.


Thanks to the help of generous guides and a community of fellow travelers, I leveraged all my experiences into learning. I share these processes to help people like you find your way to fulfillment and prosperity in the difference only you can make.


You can experience better living making while making a bigger difference. I know this because I do this. I know you can too.


This is my origin story. Who I am and how I got to here. Are you ready to live your legacy? Do you want to live well while making a bigger difference?


Let's keep working together to make things better.

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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