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Scott Perry Promoting a Blog Post About 3 tips for Connecting With the Right People

How do you turn the difference only you can make into an offer, cause, and/or community that serves others?

I struggled to answer these questions when I felt the pull to make a pivot in my life's work.

But I learned the difference only I can make lies in helping people solve the problem I first had to solve for myself.

"What is the work I'm meant to do now?"

To answer that question, I had to answer several other questions.

Those questions include the following:

  1. What is the difference only I can make?
  2. Why am I the one to do it?
  3. Who do I make that difference with and for?
  4. Where do I connect with them?
  5. How do I make that difference?

Once I had enough clarity about all this, I tested my idea by putting it in front of an audience that was well-defined enough to test it for resonance.

I used these three templates* for crafting messaging that cultivated connections to make change happen.

  1. am you.
  2. You're already there (you just don't know it).
  3. I am your champion.

I spent several months helping other people without pay. Connecting, learning, and helping until I refined, iterated, and improved my process enough to feel confident about pricing, marketing, and selling it.

Do you care enough to do the real work of defining, developing, and delivering the difference only you can make?

If so, remember this, slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.

The process is the shortcut.

And simply begin.

*h/t Jeff Moore

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at Creative on Purpose

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