How to Make the Rest of Your Life Your Best Life

art of encore living personal development Jul 03, 2023
Scott Perry Promoting a Blog Post About How to Make the Rest of Your Life Your Best Life

It often happens in midlife but can happen at any stage of life.

You decide to stop seeking external meaning and motivation about how to live well and look within.

But how do you make the rest of your life your best life?

Here are three time-tested and scientifically vetted steps that have worked for me and dozens of my clients.

Step 1: Wake Up. Are you playing your game or the game you were taught to play? Remember, you can't win a game you don't want to play.

Step 2: Define the difference only you can make. This is the work you're meant to do now. Play your game. Live your legacy.

Step 3: Remember, playing your game is supposed to be fun. Be present, grateful, and generous. The process is the shortcut. The pursuit is its own reward.

It sounds simple because it is simple.

But simple is never easy. 

Want help? Click here to get guided and going.

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at Creative on Purpose

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