How To Get What You Want In Life

personal development purpose Oct 04, 2023
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How to get what you really want in life.

Step 1: Know what you really want in life.

This is harder than it sounds.

You have to understand that what you think you really want (more money, time, and respect) isn’t really what you want.

What you really want is whatever more money, time, and respect will get you.

Step 2: Define the essential steps necessary to achieve what you want.

It’s counterintuitive, but you rarely need to do more than three things well enough to get what you want.

Define those three things. Then, do those things daily (and only those things).

Spend a little extra time on the one that you do least well. This will improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your goal achievement strategy.

Step 3: Pay attention and improvise.

Here’s the thing. When you establish your goal and begin executing your strategy, you can’t possibly know what time and randomness have in store for you.

There will be obstacles and opportunities you couldn’t possibly foresee.

And often, the opportunities will present as obstacles (and vice versa).

So be prepared to iterate and course correct, not take everything so damn seriously (especially yourself), and for crying out loud, have fun.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, the point of the game of life isn’t to win. It’s to be able to keep playing (which actually improves your chances of winning).

And the game of life is a helluva lot more fun to play when you’re playing along with other players who know what they really want (and what it’s really all about).

What's your ultimate life goal, and how do you plan to achieve it?

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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