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personal development Oct 19, 2020
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"Seeking the very best in ourselves means actively caring for the welfare of other human beings.  Our human contract is not with the few people with whom our affairs are most immediately intertwined, nor to the prominent, rich, or well educated, but to all our human brethren.” – Epictetus

The idea of paying it forward is a basic human impulse. As the quote above indicates, this idea has been associated with living the good life since antiquity. 

Helping yourself by helping others also inspires and informs the Creative on Purpose mission.

"You enhance your life most through endeavors that elevate others." – Scott Perry, Onward

Members of the Creative on Purpose community call this approach "living your legacy."

"Legacy isn't what we leave behind; it's the difference we're making now."

To live your legacy is to be a difference-maker. A difference-maker makes things better by being creative on purpose and working with and for others to make meaningful change happen.

It's easy to pay lip service or spend a bit of time and money contributing to the greater good during times of general abundance and stability. But it's far more essential to lean in and lend a hand during periods of scarcity and upheaval. 

Right now, the entire planet is in the throes of a pandemic. There are real and existential social, political, environmental, and economic problems to solve. It's more important than ever to do what we can to serve those in need.

Moving from self-concern to concern for others is at the heart of our own ethical and moral development. Taking the bolder step of compassion and caring for others develops the character and virtue necessary for a thriving and meaningful life.

"Let our hands be available to help whenever necessary. Let this verse be in your heart and in your mouth: I am a human being, I regard nothing human as foreign to me. Let us hold things in common, as we are born for the common good." – Seneca

We must acknowledge our interconnectedness and social duty. We must embrace the human skills of empathy and consideration.

But where? With what? How? For whom? 

Why not start where you are with what you have and do what you can for those with whom you find yourself?

It's time to rediscover what the ancients unveiled for us long ago. Joy comes from living a good life. A good life means grateful for what you already have and participating in acts of love and kindness extended to those around you.

"Adapt yourself to the circumstances in which your lot has cast you; and love these people among whom your lot has fallen, but love them in all sincerity." –Marcus Aurelius

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose.

Ready to get going with the difference only you can make? Start living your legacy. It's time to be creative on purpose!

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