Is happiness overrated?

personal development Dec 16, 2019
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Happiness, it's what most of us are chasing. If you're American,"the pursuit of happiness" is even a patriotic duty, 

We look for it in love, work, and what we buy. And yet...

According to all the studies, most of us aren't finding happiness. Actually, the opposite of happiness, depression, and anxiety are on the rise.

I wonder if we're all chasing the same thing? How do you define happiness? What do you measure to determine your level of happiness? Is happiness the real measure of your wellbeing?

I think happiness is overrated.

Happiness is usually associated with delight, pleasure, and joy. It's typically singular and selfish. A "victory" or an accomplishment associated with having good luck or good fortune shine upon you.

Therein, at least to me, lies the rub. The selfishness inherent in our pursuit of happiness is at odds with our social nature and needs. 

"You enhance your life most through endeavors that serve others." - Scott Perry, Endeavor

What if we tried finding happiness through transcending the self and serving others?

In his book, The Second Mountain, David Brooks differentiates happiness from joy and encourages the cultivation of joy over happiness.

"Happiness comes from accomplishments; joy comes from offering gifts. Happiness fades; we get used to the things that used to make us happy. Joy doesn’t fade. To live with joy is to live with wonder, gratitude, and hope. People who are on the second mountain have been transformed. They are deeply committed. The outpouring of love has become a steady force." - David Brooks, The Second Mountain 

Happiness or joy? Which one are you aiming for today?

Let's keep flying higher in endeavors that make a difference together!

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose.

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