Gena Moyer - "Who are the people that came before you that made you who you are?"

tips from podcast guests Oct 05, 2022

Today I'm sharing some insight for finding fulfillment, forging meaning, and making an impact from an inspiring difference-maker living her legacy. Gena Moyer and her husband are the founder of Thunderbird farm. Catch our entire conversation here.

[GENA] For me, a lot of me realizing what my creative purpose was and how I could help create purpose for other people required me to do some, I would say genealogy and history of my own family, of the women in my family.

I think especially as I was growing up, you know, everybody's like, "Go to college," "Get a degree." And education is actually one of the primary things I advocate for. I think education is wonderful.

But I think some of the education you can do yourself.

Who are the people who came before you that have created who you are?

I have indigenous heritage, and I know one of the pieces for me getting to this point of feeling very confident in what I'm meant to give to the world is because I understand that history. I understand the trauma that happened to my ancestors.

I also understand the very strong, bold, brave, creative women that are part of my lineage.

I feel (this is kind of "wooy"), but I feel like those people, those women, are with me in the things that I'm doing, as they will be with anyone that I touch.

So with what I know and what I share... So I would say, learn a little bit about your history. Know your past.

And not just your own but those people who have really created who you are.

[SCOTT] I love that. We've been talking a lot in our community about... You know, we're always, especially in the United States or in Western World in general, we're always looking into our becoming, and we don't spend enough time in our being.

But a lot of times, we can only become what we're going to become in the here and now in the being.

But it's often the past, it's what we've been that will inform that.

Just to clarify the "woo" factor, I'm "all in" on the woo, but there's actually science now about this. That we are who we are in our disposition, character, and attitudes are very much informed by things that have happened in the past that we may or may not even be aware of.

[GENA] So much understanding of yourself and forgiveness of yourself. I think there are so many things that, as I learned, as I did that exploration into my heritage, it's not just about forgiving other people, it was about forgiving some of the things I had on me. You know, that inner critic part of myself that I was able to release that.

So, I highly recommend doing the "you work." Do the "being work" but also do the "past work." Look into your past, and you'll recognize yourself in so many people that came before you.

[SCOTT] So, yeah, well, I think there's a reason why on the Oracle of Delphi, the opening line is "Know Thyself. So good advice!

Gena shared some serious wisdom about ho what you've been can help you be what you are becoming and how to know thyself. How can your past inform and inspire your journey of emergence today?

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach

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