Fraught and Fulfilling

personal development Sep 27, 2021
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Does the idea of living your legacy resonate with you, but you're not sure what that could look like?

Or perhaps you're already doing meaningful work but feel a little lost or stuck?

The Situation

Making a difference is fraught. That's one reason why it's so fulfilling.

We build identity and forge meaning through the difference we make with and for others.

Too often, people like us develop our craft, practice our skills, and do the work on our own. This can be challenging and even painful.

It doesn't have to be so hard, and you don't need to do it by yourself.

There are trusted guides and supportive fellow travelers you can find and connect with. The journey can be more effortless and rewarding.

An Invitation

If you need help defining the difference only you can make, connecting with those you seek to serve, and crafting the transformation you can offer...


Need a hand leveling up in the difference you're already making…

The Creative on Purpose Handbook shares processes for dialing in, developing, and delivering your endeavor that are easy to understand and weave into the life you're already living.

Ready to take a bolder step into your potential in the difference only you can make?

It'd be a privilege to jump on a 15-minute curiosity call to learn more about you and your endeavor. I'd love to help you clarify your next best steps. Email me with CURIOUS in the message heading and I'll send you my scheduling link.

We need you and the unique experiences, skills, talents, perspectives, and connections only you can bring to the challenges we face.

Thanks for the difference you make.

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose.

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