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Finding Solace in the Slog

personal development May 11, 2020

What have you noticed about the moment we're all currently living through?

There is suffering, for sure. Sadly some of it could have been avoided. Now we're likely in for an extended slog through disarray and distress. Finding meaning or solace in this tumult can be a challenge.

And yet...

There are opportunities and silver linings in this situation as well. We're relearning and reconnecting with what it means to be human. Rediscovering that we are social creatures born with consciousness and a creative instinct. When the world presents problems, we imagine a better possibility and work together to realize it.

When we endeavor to make things better together, we forge meaning from difficulty, loosen the grip of fear, and mute the voice of anxiety. Whatever the outcome, when we put forth our best effort, we build character and cohesion.

Whether or not our situation gets better, we get better. We cultivate patience, resilience, patience, compassion, and humility. And we pour that into our next effort, knowing that our effort is the reward.

There are no guaranteed outcomes, and nothing lasts forever. That's why you and your endeavor matter. Making a difference when you can, where you can, and with whom you can is at the heart of what it means to be truly human and happy.


Scott Perry - Difference Maker at Creative on Purpose.

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