Fatima Kamenge - Where charity begins.

tips from podcast guests Dec 31, 2021

Insight and inspiration for flying higher in the difference only you can make from guests who have appeared on Creative on Purpose Live.

This week's wisdom comes from a conversation with purpose driven innovator and trend analyst, Fatima Kamenge. Tune into this entire conversation here.

[SCOTT "If you only had one last idea to share with the folks that are wanting to have a little bit of a happier and healthier relationship with abundance what would that be?

[FATIMA] "Start with you. In French they say, 'La charité commence à la maison.' As in charity begins at home.

Start with giving yourself a little bit in a way that is without guilt, without shame, with abandon. Give to yourself in the way you would want the world to give to you. And once you build that muscle of receiving and also giving, in that practice, then take that and give the same way you give to yourself to others.

And there's a Christian thing about treat give unto others as you would give unto yourself, or something like that. It's in all religions.

You have to start by treating yourself well before you can learn to treat others well. So, yeah. "

[SCOTT] "I love it. Abundance, charity, and grace from the inside out."

Fatima delivered a powerful challenge—to treat yourself as you treat others. How might you start inverting the golden rule and start practicing empathy from the inside out today?

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose.

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