Every Day Is a Chance to Start Again

personal development Mar 30, 2020
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Every day each of us is presented with a choice. To do the same things the same old way, or to try new things and new approaches.

When things are going well, or at least well enough, the natural thing is to just show up today like we did yesterday. But when things are broken, expecting what worked yesterday to work today is probably unhelpful or even foolish.

It's natural to slip into reactive attitudes and behavior when things go sideways. Shutting down, tuning out, and sitting still, are encoded default human responses to crisis. The hope is that things will sort themselves out, or someone will fix things for us.

While these knee-jerk responses are common, they don't promote anyone's health or wellbeing. What helps us flourish through troubles is the opposite of what our instincts encourage.

Crisis reminds us of what it really means to be human and happy is to shun our selfish impulses and lean instead into our social and creative nature.

In the earliest days of our species' existence, we survived only because of our proclivity to gather, face difficulties, and leverage our creativity to solve challenging, often existential problems together.

Today you can choose to remind yourself that we're in this together and treat this day as a chance to start again. To show up when you can, as you are, with what you have, and for who you can is a decision you can make daily.

Solving interesting problems is at the heart of human creative endeavor, and things have never been more interesting for most of us than they are right now.

There’s never been a moment when collaboration and creativity are more needed. Who can you convene, and what can you start to collaborate on and create today that will make things a little better for everyone tomorrow?

Let's make things better together!

Scott Perry, Difference-Maker Coach at Creative on Purpose

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