personal development Dec 22, 2021
love yourself

Many forces conspire against our inner-narrative about our own worthiness.

Sure, there are the expectations promoted by society and the media. And then there's indoctrination by institutionalized education and occupation. But there are also evolutionary and biological imperatives driving our feelings of inadequacy and insufficiency.

Human beings are programmed to embrace the status quo. We want to know where we stand and what's expected. It feels safe to fit in and stay put. Our social, political, and economic systems simply pull on levers already within us.

And yet...

We're also curious creatures with an instinct to explore and an impulse to collaborate and create. We forge meaning and build identity through working through problems and leaning into challenges.

How can you embrace both the need for the comfort of what is and the wanting of what could be?


That you, your situation, and those around you are fine as you are does not negate your instinct to explore your potential and step into possibility with and for others. 

You are sufficient as you strive.

Gratitude for who you are and what you already have helps you embrace enoughness, cultivates presence, and reminds you of your integrity—your undivided wholeness. In the stillness and presence of your enoughness lies your power to choose the potential you wish to step into and whom to do that with and for.

How might embracing the fullness of your wholeness and enoughness right now help inform and inspire what you are building and who you are becoming?

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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