personal development Mar 04, 2019
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What does it mean to be devoted?

We don't talk much about devotion these days. Why have we lost touch with the idea that we can be enthusiastically loyal and true to an idea, or cause, or another person? What's wrong with observing and honoring the goodness, worth, and even sanctity of something or someone beyond ourselves?

We live in an age of limitless information, opportunities, and distractions. Maybe that makes it harder for us to pick and stick with a single plan, purpose, or person? Perhaps all this choice has made us self-absorbed? Have we become thoughtless, selfish and unwilling to commit?

I don't think so.

Whatever the reason is for our lack of devotion, we possess the capacity and opportunity right now to make a different choice. We can, with intention and integrity, go "all in" with something or someone worthy of our devotion.

Realizing our potential as thoughtful, generous, and compassionate human beings requires devotion. Only the devoted can fully deliver on their promise and bring out the same in others.

What are you devoted to? Who are you devoted to? Why? When will you commit?

Why not right now?

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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