Dabbler or Difference-Maker?

personal development Dec 14, 2020
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Let's be clear, there is nothing wrong with being a dabbler.

I dabble in plenty of activities. I putz around the kitchen, lose myself in little graphic design projects, and amuse myself with writing poetry.

What about you? What hobbies or pastimes do you play around in?

The danger is when you conflate dabbling with difference-making.

Difference-making is about making change happen with and for others, and if you're going to make a difference, it ought to be one worth making. That means to make change happen with integrity and intention. No dabbling allowed. Period.

And yet...

I frequently catch myself dabbling in my difference-making. Wasting my time with distractions that feel productive but make no progress. Meandering around with learning things when I know that doing things will hone my skills sharper and faster. Trying to connect with strangers when I'm already surrounded by the right people.

What to do?

Return to first principles. Remind myself of the routines and relationships that fuel real forward motion and progress in my endeavor. Get myself back on track by putting myself back on the hook. Showing up fully, presently, and mindfully to do the work daily with and for the right people.

Coaching and community are the primary ratchets I employ to leverage my efforts to  develop my potential and excel in my endeavor. What about you? 

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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