Conspiring with Your Future Self

personal development Nov 02, 2020
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What's really holding you back from fulfilling your potential and delivering on your promise? Why are you not making the progress you desire in your life's endeavors?

Consider having a courageous and honest conversation with yourself. You'll discover that the biggest impediment to your personal and professional growth has little to do with your past circumstances or the situation you find yourself in now.

It's you.

You are complicit in cultivating any suffering you experience that's tied to a lack of progress in your flourishing and fulfillment.

But it's not your fault.

Human beings are programmed by biology and evolution to conform to societal norms and comply with institutional systems. We're predisposed to measure ourselves against the expectations of those around us, not against our own potential.

What to do?

You can, of course, consciously choose who you surround yourself with and intentionally decide whom you seek insight and inspiration from in your efforts to enhance yourself. Coaching and community are tested and trusted ratchets some employ to excel and elevate themselves.

But the greatest coaches and best friends can't help if you are not enrolled and invested in stepping into your potential.

You must become a conspirator with your better, future self.

Why conspirator?

Because conspirators create covenants that subvert the status quo. Conspirators don't settle and they don't compromise. They resist the seductive siren's call of subjugation to what is. Conspirators strive for who they can, and should, be.

Conspiring with your future self encourages trust, cultivates courage, and fuels a will to rally yourself to your own cause. 

Are you in league with your aspirations? Ready to champion your own cause? It's time to conspire with your future self and start stepping into your destiny. Ready? Let's go.

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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