But Will Your Endeavor Take Off?

endeavor book excerpts personal development Mar 14, 2019

Ultimately, it is impossible to know if an endeavor will succeed. What does “success” even look like? Too often success is confused with popularity and profits.

What if you measured success by the well-being it generates for yourself and others? What if success is doing well enough today so that you can get up and do it again tomorrow?

Take care of the important things, like maintaining your integrity and stepping forward with intention. The less important things, like how much recognition and reward you receive, will take care of themselves.

One thing is assured. If you never start your endeavor, you’ll never know if it has legs. Traction requires movement. If you don’t build it, they certainly won’t come.

And what if your endeavor fails? Everything you do rubs up against the possibility that it might not work. It’s very likely that your effort won’t unfold as planned. But that’s precisely how integrity and intention are tested and made more resilient.

There are lessons to be learned from any outcome. There’s also the opportunity to practice the virtues of patience, humility, and acceptance. Any result can be leveraged to build character, courage, and will.

Until you start, you are hiding. Which posture, starting or hiding, comes with the greatest possibility of regret?

The only way to make progress with your endeavor is to lean in and do the work.

Keep flying higher!

*This is an excerpt from my best-selling Amazon title, Endeavor: Cultivate Excellence While Making a Difference.

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at  C reative on Purpose

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