Being Creative on Purpose - It Makes All the Difference

personal development Jun 21, 2019
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I was about to turn 50. I was a husband, father, teacher, and musician. In each of those endeavors, I was doing well enough by anyone's standards.

And yet...

I knew I could do more. I believed I could do better. I was ready to do both more and better in all my endeavors.

But how?

I began by looking inward. I reevaluated and reconnected with my core values, my inherent talents, and where I belonged. 

Then I started looking outward at how I approached what I did, how I did it, and who I did it with.

And I decided that I need to change and that I could change right now.

I changed my mindset by simply acknowledging all the goodness I already had and all the possibility right in front of me. I changed my posture by deliberately engaging with others with greater empathy and generosity. And I started flying higher by intentionally engaging in meaningful endeavors done with and for others.

It was terrifying and it was thrilling. There were a lot of false starts and I made plenty of mistakes and I was fortunate to have enough success to know I was on the right path. I committed to showing up regularly as the person I wanted to be and fellow travelers appeared.

I became creative on purpose by being creative on purpose and that made all the difference.

And being creative on purpose can do the very same for you.

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at C reative on Purpose

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