Alisa Conner - "It's never too late."

tips from podcast guests Aug 03, 2022

Today I'm sharing some insight for finding fulfillment, forging meaning, and making an impact from an inspiring difference-maker living her legacy. Alisa Conner is an email marketing strategist. Catch our entire conversation here.

[SCOTT] "What last encouragement would you give someone, or what piece of advice would you give someone that's ready to level up in the difference only they can make?"

[ALISA] "So, there's two, and they'll be short."

"The first is that it's never too late."

"It's never too late until the gig is up and you're taking a dirt nap. That's really what it amounts to."

"You have every opportunity, every single minute of the day, to make a different choice and make an impact."

"And the second is that I don't believe in failure."

"Everything that you do, every step that you take, even the mistakes that you make, even if they're gargantuan mistakes, are giving you the opportunity to learn."

"And so when you look at something, and you're like, 'Oh, it didn't turn out the way I wanted,' if you shift that perspective and instead say, 'What can I learn from this?' Your growth will be exponential because everybody else will be wallowing in the 'Oh poor me, why did it turn out that way? Boohoo!'"

"The people that can look at that from a different perspective of 'There's a lesson here. There's something I'm supposed to learn, and that lesson is going to take me forward.'"

"And so instead of focusing on failure, focus on the lessons and then see how your life changes and see where you end up going next."

Alisa made a strong case for making the most of every moment and reframing failure. How might you do what brings you joy today?

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach

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