A Leader of Leaders

personal development Apr 27, 2022

I believe that too often we conflate leadership with expertise and authority.

We assume others must have more knowledge and power than us and therefor look for leaders beyond ourselves and our circle.

But what do great leaders do, really?

A dictionary definition of leader is "one who guides or directs." Leadership, it seems, isn't about having the jurisdiction to demand people follow roadmaps. Rather, leaders earn the trust and permission to provide a destination and a compass.

A leader is merely someone who sees, steps into, stays in, and shares their power to frame the choices within a situation. They then simply make the best decision they can, and take a next small step into possibility.

Leadership has nothing to do with certainty and overconfidence. If the destination and path are clear, who needs a leader? Simply follow the directions to the destination.

But when the destination lies at the edges of our understanding and abilities, when the way is fraught (which indicates it's worth it), then we need leadership.

Leadership isn't a job  title or role bestowed upon a few. Leadership is a choice available to anyone willing to trust themselves and engage their inner-authority over their perceptions and actions.

And great leaders? Great leaders are leaders of leaders.

A leader of leaders acknowledges their own power and sees and encourages it in those they seek to serve.

A leader of leaders recognizes that power isn't a finite resource to be hoarded by a few but a renewable resource that increases as you empower others.

Where do you see the need for real leadership? When will you embrace your agency to make change worth making with and for others? How can you lead in a way that empowers others to engage their inner authority? 

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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