Difference Maker Coaching Testimonials

Karena de Souza, Tilt the Futurer

"I highly recommend Scott Perry. As he leans in to listen to you, you realize how deeply he's engaging in your endeavor. As Scott gently probes and pushes you, he encourages you to answer those searching questions, extending your imagination for what you think is probable or possible." 

Elizabeth Diehl Boardman, Real Estate Executive

"Scott is a generous and wise teacher who offers simple, insightful, and actionable direction when it comes to accomplishing your dreams."

Maurice Ting, CEO of Tinguza

"Scott helps you to identify and clarify what you really want. He challenges you to take immediate action. And Scott's really, really good at helping you see your hidden talents, abilities, and gifts."

Yvette Quantz, Dietician

"Working with Scott reminds me of the importance of showing up for the things I believe in. We have to face the fears, dance with the resistance, and not let it hold us back from doing the things we believe in."  

Testimonial Reel

Here's what clients and community members have to say about the impact Difference Maker Coaching had on helping them level up in endeavors that matter.

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Arthur De Roey, Account Executive

"I used to believe that I couldn't launch my own endeavor, but after working with Scott, I know I can find a viable audience and take small steps to get going."

Leekei Tang, Fashion Consultant

"Scott, your coaching is exactly what I need right now to move forward. I've gained clarity of goals and directions. I'm all excited to start doing the work now!"

Jason Luchtefeld, Dentist

"I was stuck trying to figure out my next career steps. Through working with Scott, I broke through and found my path to making progress and thriving every step of the way."  

Randi Millard, Business Model Youth

"Difference Maker Coaching delivers its promise of better living through endeavors that make a difference. Scott’s coaching encourages you to take action with simple and purposeful routines, habits, and community interactions that lead to break-through experiences. I highly recommend Scott's coaching and programming - it works."

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