"Vital. Decisive. Funny. As an individual coach, team leader and community facilitator, Scott Perry is a beacon for those fortunate to travel through change alongside him. Thank you, Scott, for teaching about generosity by living it with us." Staci Boden, Dancing Tree Consulting

"Creative On Purpose is an endeavor worth paying attention to. The conversations Scott initiates are insightful, inspiring, and are making a difference." Chip Conley, Author of Wisdom @ Work, and Founder of The Modern Elder Academy

"I love the work you are doing and am grateful that you are out there helping to make the world better!" Sheila Sherwood, Publisher of Real Small Towns Magazine

"Thank you for what you do day-in and day-out, Scott. Your posture of generosity empowers as much as it inspires." Stephen St. Amant, VP Marketing & Communications, RTD Embedded Technologies

"I'm so grateful for Scott's dedication to helping people fly higher with their life and business endeavors. His sense of purpose and passion is evident in everything he produces." Cindy Henson, Author of Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom

"Scott lives the brand: Creative On Purpose." Michael Bungay Stanier, Author of The Coaching Habit

"Scott has an insightful way that ‘cuts through it.' He's a genuine and giving teacher and coach!" Lauren Lake, Designer

"Scott's enthusiasm for helping others to achieve their potential is contagious." Donald Robertson, Co-Founder of Stoicism Today and author of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

"Scott, your consistency and commitment show in everything you do. I am grateful to participate in such a vibrant and uplifting community." Casey von Neumann, founder, Eclectic Music

Coaching Clients

Difference Maker Coaching delivers its promise of better living through endeavors that make a difference. Scott’s coaching encourages you to take action with simple and purposeful routines, habits, and community interactions that lead to break-through experiences. I highly recommend Scott's coaching and programming - it works." Randi Millard, Cofounder of Business Model Youth

"Prior to my sessions with Scott I was in a place where I wasn't sure what the next step was with my work. Scott helped me get clear so that I then could do the work necessary to move my endeavor forward." Nikki Lerner, Culture Coach

"Can't explain how my awareness of the life I have in front of me has expanded. Thank you for offering me the opportunity to invest in coaching with you. Has changed my life." Brenda Ammon, Free the Mind

"There are some people that you meet where you know immediately they are doing what they were meant to do. And coaching brilliantly is what Scott does. The effects continue to resonate and impact my work, and I am grateful for his dedication and expertise in endeavoring to help others create work that matters. If you are thinking about coaching with Scott, just do it!" Kathleen Audet, Your Authentic Image

"I used to believe that I couldn't launch my own blog or media channel, but after working with Scott, now I know that I can find a small viable audience and take small steps to refine my message and get going." Arthur De Roey, Account Executive at Falcon.io

"Working with Scott reminds me of the importance of showing up for the things I believe in. We have to face the fears, dance with the resistance, and not let it hold us back from doing the things we believe in." Yvette Quantz, Dietician

"Scott, your coaching is exactly what I need right now to move forward. I've gained clarity of goals and directions. I'm all excited to start doing the work now!" Leekei Tang, Fashion Industry Consultant

"Scott has an insightful way that ‘cuts through it.' He's a genuine and giving teacher and coach!" Lauren Lake, Designer

"Working with Scott has simplified my projects. Before, I said yes to too many things and now I have better tools, specifically questions, to guide me in the direction that is meant for me." Brian Pelletier, Pharmacist

"Scott is a generous and wise teacher who offers simple and actionable direction when it comes to accomplishing your dreams." Elizabeth Diehl Boardman, founder of MILSPO Project

"Scott's clear thinking and generous encouragement have helped me see that making a difference is not a matter of having a bigger dream, but of taking many small steps in the right direction." Colin Steele, Ph.D. Candidate at The Fletcher School Of Law and Diplomacy

"Scott helps reframe my interior dialog so I can be more productive, give more, and in the end find success in my endeavor." Tara Tussing Unverzagt, founder of South Bay Financial Partners

"I owe you a considerable debt for your guidance and mentorship. Thank you for leaning in and helping me to see the world in a new light!" Mack Wallace, CFA at Zest Finance

"Scott, without your support I would not have made the leaps that I’m now experiencing. You embody generosity, truth-telling, commitment, and courage. Thank you for being the kind of leader we all need you to be." Amy Faeskorn, Coach, Writer, & Facilitator

"I was stuck trying to figure out some next steps in my career. Through working with Scott and the tools in Endeavor, I broke through the fog and found my path."  Jason Luchtefeld, Dentist

"Thank you, Scott, for helping me find my path to meaningful work and satisfied living. I've moved beyond focusing on my paycheck to understanding all that work encompasses and how to engage in what is meaningful and valuable." Mary Alzire Papadopoulos, Proposal Writer & Manager

"Scott's support Scott helped me start my business and get my first corporate client. When I have questions or need help, Scott always comes back with insight that keeps me moving forward." Michael Cohen, Worksite Wellness Acupuncture

"Scott Perry is a wealth of wisdom. One conversation with him can uplift, empower, and transform your career." Maya P. Lim, Associate Editor, Design Observer 

"Scott Perry is a go-to resource for those wishing to change the world through their creative spirit and action." Michael O'Brien, Peloton Coaching

"I love Scott's style, energy, and enthusiasm. His continued support encourages me forward. Scott helps me break through obstacles and see things from new angles and different perspectives. His big heart and great sense of humor are much appreciated." Adela Mei, Director at Indigo Expeditions

"Scott's thoughtful listening combined with deep-thinking questions leaves me more focused, productive, and goal-centered. Whether you are taking his coaching program or just joining the Creative on Purpose community you will benefit from the association. I have been opened to new ideas and thoughts from the questions and conversations from Scott and my fellow travelers. " John Mitchell, Fine Art Portrait Photographer

"Scott’s gift is an ability to help you identify the smallest thing that you can do and then encourage you to act at the earliest possible juncture." Nancy Harden, DPT, GCFP

"As a coach and teacher, Scott has supported me where I am. He's helped enable me to set goals and timeframes so that I could meet those goals. I used to believe that I couldn't do that. But Scott has shown me that I can." Penny Harris, Founder of Renewable Philanthropy

"Scott is very good at listening, seeing your blind spots, and asking questions that will cause you to pause and think in new ways so you can move forward." Tania Marien, Freelance Educator Advocate

"Scott is an amazing coach and teacher. Keep up the good work, Scott. Your work matters more than you know!" Michael Hoffman, Psychotherapist & LCSW

"I used to be a person who holds on to ideas for too long. But after working with Scott,  I realized that rather than an announcement or a destination, bringing an idea into the world is more like an honest conversation." Cheryl Johnson, Box Lunch Lifestyle

"Scott helped me get clear on what I'm trying to accomplish, and why, how to move toward my goals, and what to do next. He helped me learn to approach my challenges with a mindset of gratitude. Being thankful for opportunities to practice my skills and to learn and to grow. I'd definitely recommend Scott's coaching for anyone striving to achieve something bigger but isn't sure how to get there." James Leonard, Head of Public Relations, UC Merced

"As I continue to work with Scott I gain greater focus and commitment to the change I want to make. My skills are leveling up." Penny Harris, Fundraising & Leadership Coach

"Scott is one of those amazing people who embodies two of the important qualities in a good coach and a  good human being. Those two qualities are strength and warmth. Strength to tell you how things really are. And the warmth to actually care. Those two together means an awesome combination in one person." Conor McCarthy, Coach at Seth Godin's altMBA

"As a coach and a teacher, Scott is fantastic. He is a great listener. He's very precise and insightful with his comments. And he's very encouraging. Talking to him always gives me wings." Helen Escalante, founder of EntreGurus

"Scott helps you to identify and clarify what you really want. He challenges you to take immediate action. And Scott's really, really good at helping you see your hidden talents, abilities, and gifts." Maurice Ting, CEO and Technical Director of Durafil Group and Tinguza

" Vital. Decisive. Funny. As an individual coach, team leader and community facilitator, Scott Perry is a beacon for those fortunate to travel through change alongside him. Thank you, Scott, for teaching about generosity by living it with us." Staci Boden, Dancing Tree Consulting

"I respect Scott and his efforts to help me in my quest for peace and purpose." Jimmie Landry, Musician

"I highly recommend Scott Perry. As he leans in to listen to you, you realize how deeply he's engaging in your endeavor. As Scott probes and pushes you (gently), he encourages you to ask those searching questions, extending your imagination for what you think is probable or possible." Karena de Souza, Founder of Tilt the Future

"Your comments were just what I needed. Insightful, inspiring and motivational. I look forward to the next time." Jon Joury, Engineer

“Scott is a gifted leader and insightful coach. He is adept at moderating groups and knows exactly which questions to ask those of us who might hold back in group settings. Scott's follow-up is second to none. He holds you accountable to your goals and always pushes you to dig deeper, listen to your inner guide and pursue your dreams.” Mindi Rosser, B2B Social Business Strategist & Programs Manager

"I met Scott Perry on my journey toward retirement. With his wisdom and guidance, I realized that creativity is not restricted to youth; that I can not control aging but I can control how I view it; and that the obstacles in my life can actually become my path to being truly human and truly happy.” Wes McCune, Concert Pianist

"Thanks for the thought-and-action-provoking work you do, Scott. You’re a great inspiration for us all to put our values into motion!" Angela Beeching, Professional Musician's Roadmap

“Scott is the man you hope George Clooney might be. He's a natural leader and coach, with that rare skill of being able to build strong teams, where everyone has a voice. I learned so much from the way Scott engages with others and focuses on the team. He's a friend and a role model.” Oliver Haydon, Architect

"Scott cares. A LOT! He's that person that you can count on to get you to the next level. Not because he's got all the answers for you, but he has all the right questions!" Suzanne Jones, Adoptive Parents Coach

“The Stoic principles, concepts, and practices that Scott shares are applicable to every life endeavor. I'm very grateful for the generous, inspiring, empathic, compassionate, and warm way he engages and extends us. Scott, heart and soul-felt thanks from the wildest parts of Australia, for who you are, what you do and how you are in the world.” Stuart Porteous, Project for Public Spaces

"Scott's process makes the complex seem simple and his approach helps highlight the essence, so you can easily connect those dots yourself". Randah Taher, founder of IMAGINESS by Sajory

"Scott's approach is the fusion of principle and purpose. When you are ready to step out of frustrated creativity into flourishing artistry, Scott is there for you." Chris Tygesen, Accountant

"I would not be here without your encouragement and gentle ass-kicking." Susan Preston, Chief Designer, Clearly Presentable Design

"Scott is a great motivator and driver of change in every environment." 
Massimiliano Levante Freddi, VP of Strategic Development, Leolandia 

"For the last few years, Scott has been a positive influence. He is a wealth of information, talented, and a joy to work with on my new journey!" Trish Hollandsworth, Nurse

"Scott is a great listener, seeing your blind spots, and asking questions that will cause you to pause and think in new ways so you can move forward." Tania Marien, Freelance Educator

"Scott Perry is dedicated to helping you find meaningful balance and joy in your life. Professionally and personally." Cynthia Fodell Mott, Marketing Strategist

"Here's why Scott is such a great coach. He's caring. He's compassionate. He's empathetic. He really cares about what he does. Because at the heart of him, Scott wants to make a difference in the heart of you." Sha Sparks, Chief Excitement Officer at Sparks of Hope

"Scott has many wonderful qualities as a coach and a teacher. But I would say the three that come to mind are he's curious, he's caring, and he's relatable." Michael O'Brien, Peleton Coaching

"Scott is a gentle and persistent coach. He insists on sticking with you and helping you find the best version of yourself." Karena De Souza, Founder of The Future of Work

"Scott Perry is always breaking new ground both personally and professionally, and is committed to walking with his clients through a similar process." Don Crawford, Strategic Change Leadership Coach

"As a coach and a teacher, Scott is fun, generous, and empathetic." Songy Knox, Brand Photographer

"As a coach, Scott is thoughtful, kind and perceptive." Don Siegel, Syracuse University Professor, Earth Sciences and Professor Emeritus

"I used to believe that I couldn't begin a project until I was confident I had all the steps planned and figured out. But after working with Scott, I know that I can simply start by deciding what I want to achieve and why. Knowing that I can work out the exact steps that I need to take as I get to them." Matthew Carey, Founder of The Business of Performing

"Scott is a leaper himself. And he teaches others how to leap.  If you're ready to take your first step toward your new future, Scott's the person to contract." Aga Szóstek, Strategic Experience Designer

"Before I met with Scott I felt like my to do list was forever. I was all in my head. I was spending a lot of time thinking as opposed to doing. Scott helped me figure out where to best focus my time to make progress." Michael Cohen, Founder of Worksite Wellness Acupuncture

"As a coach, Scott is generous, empathetic and wise." Lisa Cruz, Interior Redesigner


Reviews of Endeavor 

"This is the perfect read for when you need a kind, patient, and no-BS coach to give you a loving, supportive kick in the pants. Great for fans of Seth Godin who need to figure out how to get from here to there, this book is a thoughtful and compassionate guide to help you break through excuses and rationalizations to do the work you suspect you might be on this planet to do." - Casey von Neumann, Founder or the Little Middle School

"When’s the last time you asked yourself what it means to be you? To be human? To be happy?

Scott Perry, my former colleague at Seth Godin Productions, has just released a new book. It’s concise and potent. It challenges you to ask hard questions of yourself, to put yourself on the spot for deciding what’s next. It’s called Endeavor: Cultivate Excellence While Making A Difference.

Endeavor is unlike the oceans of self-help/motivation/improvement books where you can drown in generically positive affirmations. Endeavor centers around growing your character through commitment:

'Clarity, relevance, and engagement will come when you start where you are and then take the next step with integrity and intention.'

Endeavor gives you no comfy shoulder to lean upon, no lullabies of reassurance, no space to indulge in daydreaming. Its punchy sentences are like those of a drill sergeant, a swim coach, a personal trainer demanding that you take this work seriously, like nothing else matters so much as your posture and practice. And it does matter so much.

But these calls to action come woven between strands of quiet truth and wisdom:

'Don’t just listen to the story. Listen for the story.'

It is in these moments that Scott’s insights as a professional musician and teacher shine through, and make Endeavor both compelling and nurturing.

If you’re looking for a more meaningful life and career, don’t expect easy answers from Endeavor. Expect difficult questions. Ones that might help you design your life on your own terms, with courage, clarity, and commitment." Maya P. Lim, Associate Editor, Design Observer

"In this book, Scott Perry has designed a methodology to make it easy to lead with generosity. Follow his lead to create your own map to living a remarkable fulfilling life of prosperity and meaning through making a difference." Donna Cravotta, Social Pivot PR

"Scott is grounded in deep philosophical concepts but has the ability to deliver practical wisdom in clear and straightforward ways. Scott has spent his career as a highly effective and productive creative, and is re-investing his combined learnings and life experience in a generous and "giving back" fashion that anyone who puts in the effort finds winsome. Do yourself (and others) a favor and embrace Scott’s contribution." Don Crawford

"Get this book. It's succinct, universal, and encouraging. Skip the hundreds of pages of exercises and analysis in books like What Color Is My Parachute. You have the answer in you already, and this book will help you uncover it." Adrienne Osborn

"Endeavor is the perfect read for anyone looking for a structure to put around finding their 'next thing.' Scott has managed to combine familiar concepts with new ideas to provide a clear path to finding work that will engage your mind and your spirit." Patrick Lewis

"'Endeavor isn't a self-help book. It's a help-others book', and that's exactly the best description of the book. This book will trigger your curiosity, creativity and will send you on a journey to your fulfillment. This guidance will touch your emotional essence and will help you to define the work that matters. 'Because the only way you can truly improve your life is by enhancing the lives of others'." Ekaterina Hristova

"Its always good to help others. The more you give the more you will receive! Love this book and the values it teaches." Travis Rosser, author of You Inc. and Co-founder of Kajabi

"In the world filled with shiny new objects, where our journeys are often filled with detours, Scott reminds us how to find our true path. That journey does not only make you happy and satisfied but will help others above all. Love the unique approach Scott brings to this book and his work as a creative, coach and inspiration to others. Thank you for the encouragement!" Lana Camiel, Founder of Wellness Insider Network

"As a freelancer, I greatly appreciate Scott's wisdom and guidance. His latest offering is fantastic. Just what I need at this time in my career. Thank you Scott - I'm grateful for you, brother." Michael O'Brien

"This book provides a concise and well written, go-to compass that aids navigation through our lives. It shows us how to go after what we want, and how we might end up with what fits our needs. Also, because our focus is on the value we provide to other people, this distracts us from our internal dialogue that often gets in our way. Scott knows his stuff and communicates with ease. A pleasure to read. Loved it." Leanda Morrison

"Scott Perry brings together many disparate philosophies into a guide that you can use to bring clarity to your next endeavor. It’s not easy starting a project anew so having a guide like this reminds you of what to consider as you decide on your trajectory. If you’re looking for a quick start guide on creating meaningful work that helps others, start right here. For Seth Godin’s fans like myself, this is an opportunity for you to fly close to the sun...reading the words of a coach who is intimately involved in the guidance of others." Ryan Jennings, Executive Director at Buy New Zealand Made

"Scott Perry has a wonderful way of taking Stoic principles and explaining how to apply them to modern times. This is a wonderful book, well worth gifting, in a world that is noisy, often confusing, and lacking bright lights of modern wisdom and guidance." Wendy Reese Harman

"Short. To the point. Actionable. Based on Stoic principles. What more could I want from a book? Seriously, a great little book with a simple yet powerful core message: To help yourself... help others!" Nils

"I'm using this book as a springboard to my personal and professional goals as I prepare for the new year." Cynthia Fodell Mott

"This little book is a gem that will live alongside the likes of The War of Art on a bookshelf for years to come. If you're ready to make a leap into doing work that matters, or already doing so and need a little push, this book is a wonderful musing on the mindset and behaviors it will take to get you there. I'll be referring back to this book again when I am feeling sluggish in my own endeavor, and only wish I had read it sooner in my career!" Unicorn

To learn more about Endeavor click here.


Reviews of The Stoic Creative

"Scott will open your eyes to a different way of doing work that matters. His generous, persistent, consistent belief in our ability to level up and contribute comes through. This is time well spent." Seth Godin, Author of Purple Cow and Creator of the altMBA

"Stimulating, clear and brilliant. A new approach to creativity based on work and real self-knowledge." Giorgio Granato

"Scott Perry is a born teacher. His method focuses on helping students learn what excellence means for them. He forces his students to examine themselves and their goals and to forge their own path. He possesses deep grounding in philosophic traditions that emphasize a life of meaning and personal value over materialistic measures of success. In this book, though, as in his teaching, he does not overwhelm you with everything he knows. He gives you enough to connect you to a tradition so that you can start working in it from the start. His exercises at the end of each chapter provide the most value from this book. Through these exercises, you gain the self-knowledge that enables you to take responsibility for your learning. Like the best teachers, he works himself out of his job; by the time you finish working with him, you've become capable of understanding what you know, what you don't, and how to get where you want to be." Brett Zalkan

“As a performing musician, I am thrilled to discover Scott Perry's book. During my 50 year career, I have continuously sought to improve and enhance my performing and teaching. This handbook, more than any other tool, has shown me that gaining insight is useless without putting it into daily action. The book is a great personal reminder that I can not control the obstacles in my life and work, but that I can control the way I react to them, and use them to better myself. I recommend this book to anyone seeking to improve their outlook on daily life, but especially recommend it to performing and teaching musicians.” Wes McCune

“This book is a handbook, first and foremost, for those of us who deem ourselves creative. It sets out in an easily assimilable way a programme of guidance and exercises. It is not a self-help book to be put on your bookshelf and forgotten, it is more of a valuable daily reference work to be pulled out often and its guidelines and exercises followed. The exercises may be daunting for some but the contents will help those who are confused or unsure about how to gain inner strength and dispel personal weakness. This book will help you achieve courage. An essential work for those who really do want to know how to challenge the realities of the ignorant, to offset the nonconstructive criticism of others, to wrong-foot their assumptions and to see things in new ways. There are clearly and easily sourced reference links within the pages of this highly recommended book.” Kit Wells

“I found Creative On Purpose to be a terrific guide, chock full of common sense and wisdom. In his opening comments, the author had me hooked on the promise of transformation (in exchange for committing and doing the work). In his early chapters, he talked about the importance of having an accountability partner - someone with whom I would be honest when reporting on goals and work accomplished. This proved to be a very effective tool in helping me to meet goals.

I particularly appreciated the chapter on fear. When I am pushing myself to innovate, to step out of my comfort zone and into something new – the fear can bring me to my knees. I loved this book's techniques for managing fear: don’t run and hide – acknowledge it, accept it, and then tell it, 'I have to get back to work now.' Good advice." Emily Barrosse, Bold In Business

“This is a great book. Scott has me hooked with his combination of teaching and prompting - it's the perfect combination for a creative approach. Thanks, Scott - this is a must read - more importantly must act kind of change your life book. The timing was perfect for me as well!” Lisa Guida, Founder of Why Leap

To learn more about The Stoic Creative click here.

Speaking & Workshop Clients

“If you are looking to shift to a more congruent place where your head, heart and actions are aligned, then a Creative on Purpose workshop is the place to be.  I’m always learning from Scott how to say yes and step up. I’m grateful for this teaching time.” Kathleen Audet, Your Authentic Image

"I used to believe the way I am can't be changed and that I'm just like lots of people, so it must be ok. Since spending time with Scott and the Creative on Purpose community, I realize I can change my thinking and make it stick by taking small actions.  It has a great impact on my work. I learned that being different is much better." Abbie Pierce, Pursuit of Possibilities

"I spent the last 2 mornings listening to the replay of and reading the resources you gave in the Endeavoring Elder Workshop. It is some of the most inspired and humbly offered world-changing advice I've come across!" Pam Caprino, Teacher

"Great workshop today! That Venn diagram is total gold!" Katie Brennan, Artist

"Thank you for the webinar. Watching later gave me the opportunity to take in the info with a rested mind, so thank you for uploading and archiving it. I identified with your points and appreciate the resources." Kelly Discepati, Sculptor

“Scott Perry is an extremely erudite, knowledgeable and gifted teacher. I have learned much from his teaching and taking part in his inspired sessions.” Kit Wells, Yorkshire Television

“I was blown away by the care Scott put into getting to know our audience. He went above and beyond in preparation, delivery, and post-workshop follow-up. Our members loved him and we can’t wait to work with Scott again!” Elizabeth Boardman, Executive Director, MILSPO Project

“Scott Perry proves that great teachers are perpetual learners. I have gained so much from his fresh and innovative approach to music and life. The insights that he has distilled from his experience teaching students and on stage are full of value and worth checking out. Having had the pleasure of collaborating with him this past summer, I can testify that Scott is one of the hardest-working people I know.” Dr. Robert Zeitlin, Positive Psychologist

“Scott did a workshop with our group about experiencing more joy (and less stress) as a music maker and our members loved it!  I received many comments afterward about how applicable Scott's approach to Stoicism and to life was to the craft of songwriting.” Mike Franke, President, Southwest Virginia Songwriters Association

“Scott taught me why being a teacher is such a gift. Not only is his laid-back style infectious, but he pushes you to find the answer that's been staring right at you for so long. He's my go-to when things don't seem to make sense, and he finds a way to bring clarity to tough situations. I am honored to call him a friend.” Daniel Gershburg, Real Estate Lawyer

 "Scott is passionate about stoicism and using it in everyday life. He's also one of the most generous people I've ever met.....sharing his time and knowledge to make everyone's journey better." AnnMarie Dyer Janni, Real Estate Agency Owner

"Scott encourages authenticity and aliveness in every encounter I've had with him. Refreshing!! Just writing this and thinking about him brings a smile! Thank you for reaching out to share this vitality with the world, Scott!" Sandy Jahmi Burg, Focusing Coach

"Scott is spreading positivity and better ways of viewing our world and living life in our day and time. It's a great community for musicians and anyone else seeking a better perspective on the world." John Hildreth, Teacher & Musician

Creative On Purpose Broadcast/Podcast Guests

“Scott Perry is doing a great service through his work.  I hope more and more people tune into his live videos and we continue to see more interviews because this is a great way to learn about the subject.” Donald Robertson, Author of Stoicism and the Art of Happiness & Modern Stoicism Team Member

“Scott Perry's broadcast provides a great resource applying philosophy to problems, challenges, and opportunities creative people experience.  As a host, he's a great conversationalist. I not only enjoyed coming on the show but listen to it regularly!” Greg Sadler, Editor of Stoicism Today & Modern Stoicism Team Member

“Scott's broadcast is an excellent way to get to know the people who are shaping the movement.” Massimo Pigliucci, Professor of Philosophy, Author of How to Be a Stoic, & Modern Stoicism Board Member

“Being interviewed on Scott's broadcast was a very positive experience. He raised interesting and important questions and responded thoughtfully to the answers. This is an excellent series.” Chris Gill, Emeritus Professor of Ancient Thought at Exeter University & Modern Stoicism Team Member

"I usually prefer to do interviews in writing, thinking I can pack more into them that way. But the experience with Scott was a pleasant, productive, and intellectually challenging conversation. My preference for interviews in writing may have been changed permanently!" Lawrence Becker, Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at the College of William & Mary & author of A New Stoicism

"This is an excellent and unique forum in which academics and laypersons interested in the topic can meet, interact, and mutually enrich their experience. Well done, Scott Perry!" William Ferraiolo, Professor of Philosophy at San Joaquin Delta College

“Scott Perry plays a powerful role through his informative and absorbing podcasts, and in other ways, and contributes much to many. His insights, knowledge and marvelous ability to engage interviewees through his precise questions and easy conversational manner provide viewers and listeners with a depth and breadth of knowledge. The information that is shared by him and his guests can refresh, inspire, revitalize, add to and enhance their awareness about the choices we can make for creating happier and healthier lives. It was a joy to be interviewed by Scott, and enriching to learn from watching the other interviews he has done with others.” Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis, REBT Psychologist (Australia) and adjunct professor at Columbia University

“It was great being on this broadcast! Scott made the process straightforward and comfortable.” Greg Lopez, Stoic Camp

“Scott Perry is doing important and interesting work showcasing the many ways creative efforts can be linked with philosophy and vice versa. I would highly recommend watching and listening to his helpful content.” Travis Hume, Applying Stoicism

"It was a pleasure to be involved in this inspiring project, which brings the resources of an ancient philosophical school to bear on the problems and concerns of today. A great example of the power of the internet to break down the boundary between the 'academic' and 'popular' spheres of discourse!" Peter Adamson, The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps Podcast

"I was delighted to be a guest on this broadcast. Scott has had some of the most influential names in the movement and their discussions are always insightful and enlightening. I was touched to be invited on the podcast, and chatting with Scott was a blast." Michael Connell, Comedian Performing Comedy About Big Ideas

"Scott Perry is doing a great job. As an interviewer he made me feel completely at ease. I enjoyed the way our conversation. Scott's take on creativity is spot on, and I encourage everyone who reads this message to join this vibrant community." A. A. Long, Professor of Classics at Berkeley and Author of From Epicurus to Epictetus

“I had the pleasure of appearing on the Creative On Purpose broadcast hosted by Scott Perry. We had a great conversation. Scott was easy to work with and very professional. I very much enjoyed the discussion and will surely listen to other guests he has on this fine podcast in the future!” Walter Matweychuk, Psychologist, and REBT Practitioner

“Scott is doing great work building a collection of materials that contribute to the ever-growing community. It was a pleasure to talk with him and there is so much more we could have discussed.” John Sellars, Author, Academic, and Stoic Week Organizer

"Exceptionally articulate and engaging, it was a joy. Thank you for asking questions that really matter and engaging in conversation that helps us all leap forward.” Rinat Strahlhofer, CanYouTellMeAboutYourself.com

"In a world of short attention spans and lean back entertainment, Creative On Purpose is refreshing and makes you want to 'lean in' to these fascinating conversations. Scott Perry is also a very gracious and giving host and gets the most from his guests."  James Taylor, FRSA MBA, Keynote Speaker on Creativity

"Scott Perry’s podcast, Creative on Purpose, is must listen for anyone looking to change the world. His thoughtful and purposeful approach is something we need more of today."  Michael O'Brien, Founder of Peloton Coaching

"Scott Perry is a huge inspiration. I am in awe of his passion, his investment in meaningful work and his ability to deliver." Lana Camiel, PharmD, Founder of Wellness Insider Network

"It was such a pleasure to appear as a guest on the Creative On Purpose Broadcast. I really admire the work Scott is doing in business space, and I am always excited to help further the discussion about the creative process, especially when it leads to a more meaningful personal and professional life for creatives." Elizabeth Boardman, Founder of MISPO Project

"It was an absolute joy being on Scott Perry's Creative on Purpose broadcast! He generously offers his platform to even the 'smallest' of entrepreneurs right alongside some of the brightest minds in the creative realm. This inspired broadcast is not to be missed and is a refreshing take on how to produce meaningful work. Thank you, Scott!" - Kellie Artis, Go Millie

"Scott has a tranquil demeanor that puts you at ease before he interviews you. He was so generous about making sure that we plugged my work, his integrity is impeccable. I know that he really cares about what you're saying, listening to what you're saying and makes it all work seamlessly and organically together." Sha Sparks, Founder of Sparks of Hope

"Scott gives his audience something of value in both action and perspective." Karen McCourt, Founder McCourt Leadership Group

"Scott's an engaging interviewer and lives the brand: creative on purpose. It was a pleasure to be on the show with him." Michael Bungay Stanier, author of The Coaching Habit
"The Creative on Purpose Broadcast is a space where great ideas can collide. Appearing on the show didn’t just give me a forum to share my purpose with the world, the conversation inspired me to discover new ways of articulating my thoughts and demonstrated how bringing our messages together can amplify their impact." Matthew Carey, Founder of The Business of Performing
"It was a real treat to work with Scott on the Creative On Purpose Broadcast. Every aspect of the preparation and execution was professionally handled and could not have been easier, allowing us to focus and connect for a stimulating conversation that was oriented toward delivering value for the audience." Casey von Neuman, Eclectic Music
"As a writer, a lot of the work I do must occur in isolation. Only I can do the work of filling blank pages with words, ideas, and stories. Only I can complete the work and package it and send it out into the world. I've always felt that, unless I come with a perfectly complete work, I am uninvited and cannot contribute to the broader conversation about creativity and writing that occurs in public spaces. But, Scott, continuing the work of philosophers and creatives before him, encourages me (us!) to participate in the world even with fragmented stories, makeshift ideas, and quiet hunches. To use marketing speak, "shipping it" does not mean perfecting it. Scott's Creative on Purpose Broadcast invites us to ship ideas, even if they are not fully formed. After all, the creative project, the creative life is about process and purpose and, I now submit, participation in the communal creative adventure." Kathryn Koromilas, Author & Educator
"It's always a pleasure speaking with Scott.  His enthusiasm for helping others to achieve their potential is contagious.  I hope our discussion helps to bring more people into contact with his work." Donald Robertson, Psychotherapist, and author of Stoicism and the Art of Happiness
"Scott is a gracious and generous host whose commitment to elevating unique voices in such an accessible way is inspiring!"  Kimberley Sherwood, Founder of Third Sector Group
“Scott Perry’s Creative On Purpose broadcast is a much-needed beacon in a sea of how to’s and hacks. If you’re interested in getting clear and getting after intentional creativity, investing in yourself through his conversations is time well spent.” Dane Sander's, Founder of FasterMind.co
"Scott inspires me with the dedication he shows for his work, helping others, and for how he walks his talk.  There is no pretense in him,  and what you see isn’t necessarily what you get because he’s humble. You're definitely in to receive more than you expect from someone as generous with his time and wisdom as Scott is." Rana Olk, School of Connection
"Although I never had a conversation with Scott before, when we chatted on Creative On Purpose, it felt like we've known each other for years. Engaging, compassionate and generous, Scott is a wonderful communicator and the conversations that happen on his podcast need to be heard by those who are dedicated to a growth mindset and want to keep moving forward with their projects and lives." John DeMato, Demato Productions
"Scott is such a fantastic interviewer and I'm so grateful for his dedication to helping people fly higher with their life and business endeavors. His sense of purpose and passion is evident in everything he produces. I enjoyed our conversation on “Creative on Purpose." Cindy Henson, Author of Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom
"Scott’s interviewing skills are fantastic and he leads the conversation in ways that were thought-provoking and insightful. He found the best in me for his audience by asking questions we should all ask ourselves as we pursue our dreams of making an impact." Rob Wrubel, Senior Vice President, Investments
"Scott, what amazed me about working with you online like that was how comfortable you made me feel to just be me. Your questions and comments are very supportive and encouraging as well as insightful around the subject of a person's unique individual journey through life." Jayn Avery, Blue Heron Pottery
"Scott continues to be a thought leader in the creative field about how to live and work with intention. His thought-provoking style and questions remind me that I am that the world is a classroom." Aaron Vaughan, co-founder, Anne Vaughan Designs
"Being on Scott Perry's "Creative on Purpose, Live!" broadcast was a fun and new experience that allowed me to get outside of my comfort zone by participating in a live video show. I am deeply appreciative of Scott taking on a local focus for Season 9 to showcase our many wonderful Floyd-based creatives." Tabitha Burgess, Floyd Thyme Podcast
"Scott Perry is a perceptive and thoughtful host with a knack for making his guests comfortable. The experience of being interviewed on his podcast was great fun!" Haden Polseno-Hensley, Red Rooster Coffee Roasters
"Scott Perry asks excellent questions that are engaging and enlightening. On his podcast, you’ll get actionable and compelling content, especially if you’re interested in exploring your own personal growth. I highly recommend putting this on your 'must listen' list if you want to continue to grow and evolve. Top 3 episodes to listen to 1.) Jeffrey Davis 2.) Jamie Reygle and 3.) Andre Piazza." Jude Charles, Brand Strategist and Filmmaker
"Scott brought a depth of preparation and understanding to our conversation that is rare. He also contributed his own insights and ideas, and that made for a rich and rewarding conversation. It wasn't just that viewers might learn - I learned something simply by joining the conversation with him. A total pleasure." Sheila Heen, Author of Difficult Conversations
"Scott Perry shows up for the real - and challenging - work of being creative on purpose. His mission and his work are sorely needed in our times." Jeffrey Davis, Tracking Wonder 
"Scott is a remarkably generous contributor through his content, coaching, and his online community. I was delighted to be a guest on his show alongside my friend Mark Modesti. It was a huge honor to have a part in the conversation. Scott is a machine as he continues to crank out amazing work and continues to be a quintessential “ruckus maker.” Keep it up!" Dustin Steiger, The People Brand
"I've had the pleasure and benefit of Scott's coaching and leadership, in Seth Godin's workshops and communities, and also via his work at CreativeOnPurpose.com. Scott leads generously by example. He is the expert embodiment of coaching others to purpose and creativity." Mark Modesti, Co-founder PlatformCreator
"Scott is a true professional. The entire process was flawless. He created a feeling of vulnerability, thoughtfulness, honesty, and fun. It was an absolute pleasure and I'm truly looking forward to tuning into future broadcasts." Sam Miller, Director of Operations, altMBA
"I had a wonderful experience on your show. Not only was it fun and inspiring, it was perfectly organized, meaning that I could just relax and enjoy myself. That matches all the work you are doing with Creative On Purpose -- your consistency and commitment show in everything you do. I am grateful to participate in such a vibrant and uplifting community." Casey von Neumann, founder, Eclectic Music
“Scott truly lived up to being “Creative on Purpose” in our live conversation. It was energizing and stimulating to talk about how to Lead from Purpose and to be Creative and Innovative. I loved bouncing ideas around with him and truly felt as if a 1+1 = >2 conversation as we brought forth lots of ideas for his community.” Tom McCallum, Open Leadership Coach

"Scott immediately put me at ease and our exchange felt like having a conversation with a friend. He is personal and had a grasp of who I am, my work, and how I’m attempting to make a difference in the world." Martha Alderson, author of Boundless Creativity
 "Choosing to put myself "on the spot" via the Creative on Purpose Broadcast, motivated me to speak more clearly and confidently about my endeavor. Great practice!" Perrin Heartway, Blue Ridge Green Burial
"I loved being on Scott’s Creative On Purpose broadcast series. Unlike all of the usual podcast/livestream interviews where the interviewer asks me why I do what I do and how I got started (yawn), Scott and I had an honest and interesting conversation about how we each approach our creative process. Such a great chat!" Jennie Mustafa-Julock
"It was a true pleasure appearing on Creative on Purpose Live. Scott is a welcoming, engaging, and informed host. He came to the conversation thoroughly prepared and navigated the discussion about my book in some genuinely new and interesting directions. I would encourage other authors and creators to connect with Scott, and I hope to have the opportunity to continue the conversation with him myself!" Adam M. Lowenstein, author of Reframe the Day

Creative on purpose Community Members

"I follow your work closely. You truly own the meaning of what is next." Natalia Alvarez, The Story that Matters
"Scott consistently adds value to the tribe, encouraging us to level up with integrity and intention." Adam Greenberg, Peace Corps Volunteer

"Scott, do you know the reach of your work? You are bending our perspectives and it is appreciated!" Stu Peterson, 2Limbs

“Scott, you are a huge supporter of many. You inspire me by continually showing up, however it is and where ever it is." Wendy Horng Brawer, Organizational Consultant

"Scott, your work is consistently pertinent and thoughtful. I’m happy to be part of your 'tribe!'" Doug Birnie, Founder and Managing Director of Piedmont Wealth Advisory

"I think that you've created something so lovely in the members-only Mastermind. Pursuing generous goals with integrity and intention really spoke to me." Kathryn Koromilas, Lecturer at Bentley University

"I find your emails very valuable.  I've been catching the podcasts as well.  You are doing a PHENOMENAL job, Scott.  Thank you for your continued contribution and valued work." Stacy Cassio, Pink Mentor Network

"Thank you for sharing your wonderful guidance and emails." Rahul Jaising, Financial Industry Professional

“In a world that tries to hook artists on 'passion', Scott's is a voice of reason, discipline and the courage to 'ship.'” Chris Tygesen, Husband & Father

“The principles, concepts, and practices that Scott shares are applicable to every life endeavor. I'm very grateful for the generous, inspiring, empathic, compassionate, and warm way he engages and extends us through a diverse range of interviews and articles. I’ve only savored brief video glimpses of him performing, but clearly, he delivers the same warmth, competence, and humanity into his music as he does share rich wisdom. Scott...Heart and soul-felt thanks from the wildest parts of Australia, for who you are, what you do and how you are in the world....” Stuart Porteous, Project for Public Spaces

“Creative On Purpose is a unique resource for everyone whether they are musical or not. It provides oodles of sage advice about how to live our lives more successfully.” Duncan Lorimer, RadioAstronomer

“Scott is a reliable and trusted guide sharing ancient wisdom with modern tools.” Kat Mills, Wife, Mother, & Musician

"I love the idea and execution of Creative on Purpose. The content is well delivered and actionable.  Scott is super intelligent, helpful, and the definition of authentic." Patrick Lewis, Creator of The CORE

"Scott is very dedicated to his work and students!" Shalene Young Massie, Dula

"Creative On Purpose is inspiring, enlightening, and engaging. Thank you, Scot, for creating an inclusive community here!" Melissa Whiteford StClair, IBO

"Scott is highly responsive to members and will answer your personal questions!" Susanne Thomas, Professor

"Scott is very articulate about philosophy and is genuine in his interest in spreading its benefits. Plus he has a unique take on using it for creative endeavors." Melissa Collard, Musician & Teacher