Praise for Creative on Purpose

“Scott Perry has been a monumental part of my success as a creative professional and as a creative coach. He always leaves me with insightful takeaways from our conversations and mentoring sessions. He has an outstanding ability to hear and understand my inquiry, show me slightly different ways to view it, and present solutions that work. Before coaching with Scott, I didn't know exactly how to build my coaching platform, and now I'm presenting the completed course to colleges across the country. I will forever be grateful to Scott for giving me the insights to create my aha moment and to create a new business. Thanks, Scott!” Charles Wilson (AKA BLKBOK), Neo-Classical Pianist & Composer

“Creative On Purpose is an endeavor worth paying attention to. The conversations Scott initiates are insightful, inspiring, and are making a difference.” Chip Conley, Author of Wisdom @ Work and Founder of The Modern Elder Academy

“I love the work you are doing and am grateful that you are out there helping to make the world better!” Sheila Sherwood, Publisher of Real Small Towns Magazine

“Scott lives the brand: Creative On Purpose.” Michael Bungay Stanier, Author of The Coaching Habit

“Scott's sense of purpose and passion is evident in everything he produces.” Cindy Henson, Author of Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom

“Thank you for what you do day in and day out, Scott. Your posture of generosity empowers as much as it inspires.” Stephen St. Amant, VP Marketing & Communications, RTD Embedded Technologies

 “Scott has an insightful way that ‘cuts through it.' He's a genuine and giving teacher and coach!” Lauren Lake, Designer

“Scott's enthusiasm for helping others to achieve their potential is contagious.” Donald Robertson, Co-Founder of Stoicism Today and author of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

“Scott, your consistency and commitment show in everything you do. I am grateful to participate in such a vibrant and uplifting community.” Casey von Neumann, founder, Eclectic Music

“Scott will open your eyes to a different way of doing work that matters. His generous, persistent, consistent belief in our ability to level up and contribute comes through.” Seth Godin, Author of Purple Cow and Creator of the altMBA

Coaching Client Testimonials

“Yesterday, Scott Perry helped me organize and clarify my next steps in an especially powerful way. The approaches Scott teaches have tremendous value. Get in his community broadcasts and group calls! Follow what he's sharing and seek out ways to participate directly. It's gold.” Megan Elizabeth Morris, Intuitive Public Radio

I had been stuck for months, spinning myself out and overanalyzing too many things that did not matterScott brought order to my thoughts. I became clear on my next steps and quickly implemented what was next. Months of spinning out, resolved in less than an hour! Thanks, Scott, for providing clarity in such a simplified and concise way.” Nicole Richards, Lifestyle coach

“Scott thoughtfully reframed my scattered thinking and notions, sharing new angles, insights, and concepts that provide a better way forward. Precisely what I was looking for!” Seth Werkheiser, Social Media Escape Club

“Vital. Decisive. Funny. As an individual coach, team leader, and community facilitator, Scott Perry is a beacon for those fortunate to travel through change alongside him. Thank you, Scott, for teaching about generosity by living it with us.” Staci Boden, Dancing Tree Consulting

"In a short period of time, Scott gave me a lot of actionable items, and I had a lot of insights. I highly recommend him for somebody who has a high intention to get into action."  Alicia Doe Steinhilber, EPC Coach

Coaching with Scott Perry is life-transforming. I was in a very stuck place in my life when I decided to take the plunge and work with him one-on-one. In just a few weeks, I learned how to shift my mindset, landed a new job, and launched my photography blog and store. I used to feel so paralyzed, but after working with Scott, I now have the confidence and trust in myself to always take the next smallest step, each step propelling me forward as I live my life’s legacy. Nazli Nomanbhoy, Seeing in Stillness

Scott's the real deal, and he has a way of getting you to see the heart of the matter very quickly (and in a way that you can’t unsee it). I got to experience his coaching as very empathic, lucid, practical and empowering - and can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone who's exploring how to redesign their lives and give back what they have learned. Thank you, Scott. Kris Achten, Marketing Coach to Entrepreneurs

“My call with Scott was the kick in the butt I needed to take some necessary action in my business. Scott has this impeccable way of helping me see the problems that were right in front of me, but I had not yet noticed. In particular, he helped me rethink my offer and how I can reach my audience. I realize now that I need to get really clear on the promise I am making to my clients and the destination they will reach after working with me. Thank you, Scott, I really appreciate it!” Katherine Palmer, Kiss the Earth

“Scott’s ‘can-do’ attitude pushes me with actionable steps every week. At the same time, he creates a safe, ‘no-judgment space’ that sparks fresh ideas and pathways for my endeavor. Scott brings new words and ways of thinking that flip my script. I leave every session ready to climb my mountain—absolutely certain I will do it!” Elaine Little, Story-Matters

“Thank you so very much for your time, consideration, and invaluable reflections. You have helped me become the difference-maker I wish to be in more ways than you can know.” Nadine Kelly, Integrated Health Coach

“I didn’t have enough evidence that the path I chose was an efficient way forward. After hearing Scott's thoughts about where I am, where I want to go, and the things I need to do to get there, I now know the work I need to do.” Yusuf Fareed, Copywriter

“There are people who are a true inspiration with their incredible energy, deep insight, and endless generosity. Scott is definitely one of them. If you are on a path of finding your true calling, Scott is the person to go to.” Aga Szóstek, author and designer

“I’m lucky to work with Scott and learn from his wisdom. The latter makes him remarkable and able to elegantly deal with uncertainty. Generosity, compassion, presence, and openness to new ideas are palpable qualities that Scott has." Lilian Mahoukou, author and coach

“I highly recommend Scott Perry. As he leans in to listen to you, you realize how deeply he's engaging in your endeavor. As Scott gently probes and pushes you, he encourages you to answer those searching questions, extending your imagination for what you think is probable or possible.” Karena de Souza, Tilt the Future

Scott reminded me of my true essence. He helped me gain clarity and crystallize the idea for finding and serving my tribe. What a gift! I'm thrilled with the results I achieved. Scott's honesty and deep wisdom are hard to find and sorely needed. Thank you, Scott!” Mariana Konsolos, The Playground

“If you're looking for a partner to support you in shipping your idea while being encouraged and held accountable, Scott Perry is the coach for you! Working with Scott, I unpacked my idea, launched it into the world, and am amazed at the interest and traction it is already receiving. Thank you, Scott!” Penny Harris ACC, Renewable Philanthropy LLC

 “Scott is a generous and wise teacher who offers simple, insightful, and actionable direction when it comes to accomplishing your dreams.” Elizabeth Diehl Boardman, Real Estate Executive

“Scott helps you to identify and clarify what you really want. He challenges you to take immediate action. And Scott's really, really good at helping you see your hidden talents, abilities, and gifts.” Maurice Ting, CEO of Tinguza 

“Working with Scott reminds me of the importance of showing up for the things I believe in. We have to face the fears, dance with the resistance, and not let it hold us back from doing the things we believe in.” Yvette Quantz, Dietician  

 “I wasn't sure what the next step was with my work. Scott helped me get clear so that I then could do the work necessary to move my endeavor forward.” Nikki Lerner, Culture Coach

“Scott's clear thinking and generous encouragement help me see making a difference is not a matter of bigger dreams, but taking small steps in the right direction.” Colin Steele, Copy Coach

“Scott's process makes the complex simple and highlights the essence, so you can easily connect the dots yourself and start stepping into possibility."”Randah Taher, founder of IMAGINESS by Sajory

 “There have been numerous instances in the last couple of years where a nudge from Scott has helped me level up, not only in terms of income but also in terms of generosity and empathy. I would highly recommend being a part of Scott's programs and community.” Saurabh Mithal, entrepreneur

“If you're looking for help finding your purpose or making progress on your vision, check out Scott's programs. He can definitely help you gain the focus, boldness, and discipline you need to move forward.” Candyce Edelen, CEO of Propel Growth

“Scott brings his whole, realized, positive self to every conversation, email, and interaction. As a fellow coach, he knows the difference between motivation and action, leading his clients on a journey of true transformation.” Savio Clemente, Cancer Coach

 “I used to believe that I couldn't launch my own endeavor, but after working with Scott, I know I can find a viable audience and take small steps to get going.”Arthur De Roey, Account Executive

“Scott, your coaching is exactly what I need right now to move forward. I've gained clarity of goals and directions. I'm all excited to start doing the work now!” Leekei Tang, Fashion Consultant

“I was stuck trying to figure out my next career steps. Through working with Scott, I broke through and found my path to making progress and thriving every step of the way.” Jason Luchtefeld, Dentist

“Scott's gift is an ability to help you identify the smallest thing that you can do and then encourage you to act at the earliest possible juncture.” Nancy Harden, DPT, GCFP

“Scott helps me simplify. Before, I said ‘yes’ to too many things. Now I have better tools and questions to guide me in the right direction.” Brian Pelletier, Pharmacist

“Scott helps me reframe my inner dialog. I'm more productive, giving, and successful.” Tara Tussing Unverzagt, founder of South Bay Financial Partners

“Scott’s coaching encourages you to take action with simple and purposeful routines, habits, and community interactions that lead to breakthrough experiences. I highly recommend Scott's coaching and programming - it works.” Randi Millard, Business Model Youth

“Scott is very good at listening, seeing your blind spots, and asking questions that will cause you to pause and think in new ways so you can move forward. Tania Marien, Freelance Educator Advocate

“Scott's a knight with armor made of respect, kindness, and love. His energy is soothing, yet his questions are sharp, pointing right at what you're avoiding, but know it's time to address. Because of Scott, change is not a curse word but represents trust. Trust in myself and a better world I can make happen.” Lenja Faraguna, Lenja Faraguna Int.

“Scott helped me start my business and get my first corporate client. When I have questions or need help, Scott always comes back with insight that keeps me moving forward.” Michael Cohen, Acupuncture Athlete

“Scott is an insightful coach. He knows exactly which questions to ask those of us who might hold back. Scott's follow-up is second to none. He holds you accountable to your goals and pushes you to dig deeper, listen to your inner guide, and pursue your dreams.” Mindi RosserSocial Selling Strategist

 “The one-hour session with Scott was refreshing and insightful. It helped me put my thoughts together and get a clearer view of what I am supposed to be doing regarding my anxiety. He shared some great ideas that help me see some aspects of life through a different angle, and that will be very helpful in the long run.” Lucie Parker, French Tutor

“The coaching with Scott was mind-blowing: we had multiple sessions at a time where everything was going well for my business, except the fact that I felt overwhelmed and always busy. I have a new compass, thanks to Scott, that makes me focus and move quicker toward my mission. I used to believe that I had to handle everything, but after working with Scott, I now see how I can refine what I do to gain a huge amount of time and money.” Killian Talin,  founder of Inspiration Créative

“It’s great working with Scott! I came away with a sense of direction. Scott asked great questions, which led me to a better understanding of where I was going. He helped me see the difference between productivity (checking boxes) and progress—moving  closer to my Purpose. Kathryn Atkins, Author

“2021 was a period of change and significant suffering in my professional life. The experience had left me rather bewildered and confused as to how best to move forward. Scott helped me to gather myself, regain my footing, assess what matters most (to me personally), and move forward with a rediscovered sense of purpose and meaning. The best part has been the inner sense of peace that I have found as a result of my time with Scott and completing some of the exercises he has suggested.  The inner sense of peace (i.e., equanimity) continues to grow, and that has been quite nice.” Anon, Physician, and Business Owner

Can't explain how my awareness of the life I have in front of me has expanded. Thank you for offering me the opportunity to invest in coaching with you. Has changed my life.” Brenda Ammon, Free the Mind

“There are some people that you meet where you know immediately they are doing what they were meant to do. And coaching brilliantly is what Scott does. The effects continue to resonate and impact my work, and I am grateful for his dedication and expertise in endeavoring to help others create work that matters. If you are thinking about coaching with Scott, just do it!” Kathleen Audet, Your Authentic Image 

“I owe you a considerable debt for your guidance and mentorship. Thank you for leaning in and helping me to see the world in a new light!” Mack Wallace, CFA at Zest Finance

“Scott, without your support, I would not have made the leaps that I’m now experiencing. You embody generosity, truth-telling, commitment, and courage. Thank you for being the kind of leader we all need you to be.” Amy Faeskorn, Coach, Writer, & Facilitator

“Thank you, Scott, for helping me find my path to meaningful work and satisfied living. I've moved beyond focusing on my paycheck to understanding all that work encompasses and how to engage in what is meaningful and valuable.” Mary Alzire Papadopoulos, Proposal Writer & Manager

“Scott Perry is a wealth of wisdom. One conversation with him can uplift, empower, and transform your career.” Maya P. Lim, Associate Editor, Design Observer 

“Scott Perry is a go-to resource for those wishing to change the world through their creative spirit and action.” Michael O'Brien, Peloton Coaching

“I love Scott's style, energy, and enthusiasm. His continued support encourages me forward. Scott helps me break through obstacles and see things from new angles and different perspectives. His big heart and great sense of humor are much appreciated.” Adela Mei, Director at Indigo Expeditions

“Scott's thoughtful listening combined with deep-thinking questions leaves me more focused, productive, and goal-centered. Whether you are taking his coaching program or just joining the Creative on Purpose community, you will benefit from the association. I have been opened to new ideas and thoughts from the questions and conversations from Scott and my fellow travelers.” John Mitchell, Fine Art Portrait Photographer

“Scott is an amazing coach and teacher. Keep up the good work, Scott. Your work matters more than you know!"” Michael Hoffman, Psychotherapist & LCSW

“I used to be a person who holds on to ideas for too long. But after working with Scott,  I realized that rather than an announcement or a destination, bringing an idea into the world is more like an honest conversation.” Cheryl Johnson, Box Lunch Lifestyle

“Scott helped me get clear on what I'm trying to accomplish and why, how to move toward my goals, and what to do next. He helped me learn to approach my challenges with a mindset of gratitude. Being thankful for opportunities to practice my skills and to learn and to grow. I'd definitely recommend Scott's coaching for anyone striving to achieve something bigger but isn't sure how to get there.” James Leonard, Head of Public Relations, UC Merced

“Scott is one of those amazing people who embodies two of the important qualities in a good coach and a  good human being. Those two qualities are strength and warmth. Strength to tell you how things really are. And the warmth to actually care. Those two together mean an awesome combination in one person.” Conor McCarthy, Coach at Seth Godin's altMBA

“As a coach and a teacher, Scott is fantastic. He is a great listener. He's very precise and insightful with his comments. And he's very encouraging. Talking to him always gives me wings.” Helen Escalante, founder of EntreGurus

“Your comments were just what I needed. Insightful, inspiring, and motivational. I look forward to the next time.” Jon Joury, Engineer

“I met Scott Perry on my journey toward retirement. With his wisdom and guidance, I realized that creativity is not restricted to youth; that I can not control aging, but I can control how I view it; and that the obstacles in my life can actually become my path to being truly human and truly happy.” Wes McCune, Concert Pianist

“Thanks for the thought and action-provoking work you do, Scott. You’re a great inspiration for us all to put our values into motion!” Angela Beeching, Professional Musician's Roadmap

“Scott is the man you hope George Clooney might be. He's a natural leader and coach, with that rare skill of being able to build strong teams where everyone has a voice. I learned so much from the way Scott engages with others and focuses on the team. He's a friend and a role model.” Oliver Haydon, Architect

“Scott cares. A LOT! He's that person that you can count on to get you to the next level. Not because he's got all the answers for you, but because he has all the right questions!” Suzanne Jones, Adoptive Parents Coach

“The Stoic principles, concepts, and practices that Scott shares are applicable to every life endeavor. I'm very grateful for the generous, inspiring, empathic, compassionate, and warm way he engages and extends us. Scott, heart and soul-felt thanks from the wildest parts of Australia for who you are, what you do, and how you are in the world.” Stuart Porteous, Project for Public Spaces

“Scott's approach is the fusion of principle and purpose. When you are ready to step out of frustrated creativity into flourishing artistry, Scott is there for you.” Chris Tygesen, Accountant

“I would not be here without your encouragement and gentle ass-kicking.” Susan Preston, Chief Designer, Clearly Presentable Design

“Scott is a great motivator and driver of change in every environment.” Massimiliano Levante Freddi, VP of Strategic Development, Leolandia 

“For the last few years, Scott has been a positive influence. He is a wealth of information, talented, and a joy to work with on my new journey!” Trish Hollandsworth, Nurse

“Scott Perry is dedicated to helping you find meaningful balance and joy in your life. Professionally and personally.” Cynthia Fodell Mott, Marketing Strategist

“Here's why Scott is such a great coach. He's caring. He's compassionate. He's empathetic. He really cares about what he does. Because at the heart of him, Scott wants to make a difference in the heart of you.” Sha Sparks, Chief Excitement Officer at Sparks of Hope

“Scott Perry is always breaking new ground both personally and professionally and is committed to walking with his clients through a similar process.” Don Crawford, Strategic Change Leadership Coach

“As a coach and a teacher, Scott is fun, generous, and empathetic.” Songy Knox, Brand Photographer

“As a coach, Scott is thoughtful, kind, and perceptive.” Don Siegel, Syracuse University Professor, Earth Sciences and Professor Emeritus

“I used to believe that I couldn't begin a project until I was confident I had all the steps planned and figured out. But after working with Scott, I know that I can simply start by deciding what I want to achieve and why. Knowing that I can work out the exact steps that I need to take as I get to them.” Matthew Carey, Founder of The Business of Performing

“As a coach, Scott is generous, empathetic, and wise.” Lisa Cruz, Interior Redesigner

“For the last several years, my colleagues and I have tried to create a nurturing online community in our field and have fallen short. Then, I met Scott. He modeled exactly how to do it, and now it is working. Scott knows how to lift people up, pulls provocative threads, and creates a space primed for dynamic interaction with clear boundaries, defined levels of interpersonal responsibility, and humor! In an online community, this translates to trust among members, where everyone gets to be seen, heard in real ways, and conversations are meaningful.” Heather Vaughan-Southard, Movement Specialist

“Scott effortlessly creates space allowing online communities to reach deep insights, engage meaningfully, and flourish under his persistent and supportive guidance.” Beverley Glanville, Brand Ninja

Scott possesses rare skills in creating and nurturing online spaces. He'll help you define and reinforce what you seek to achieve through online culture.” Randy Heller, Own the Turn

“Through deep listening and deep speaking, Scott facilitates online culture each person feels heard, seen, and valued. Sustained, meaningful, and powerful change happens.”  Nerina Wright, Barrister

“Online teams require no rules to govern behavior or contributions. Scott reveals how generous and vulnerable modeling lead to effective and productive communication.” Kate Blairstone, Designer

“Every person is a whole world. Scott embodies this concept. By example, Scott opened my eyes as to how I can leave a mark in the professional world.” Andrea Perniciano, Analyst

“Scott facilitates online groups that benefit everyone. He creates a space for highly efficient, positive interaction organized in a friendly and caring manner.”  Michi Mathias, Illustrator

“Scott possesses the ability and power to create safe spaces where people can thrive under his guidance. His presence and support gave our team confidence and support to achieve our goals and create a true connection and make meaningful progress in our endeavors.” Valentina Troiani, Branding Maven

“Scott possesses deep expertise in building positive learning communities. I heartily recommend Scott to leaders using online platforms to create change that matters.” Louise Karch, Name Whisperer

“Scott possesses rare skills in creating and nurturing online spaces. He'll help you define and reinforce what you seek to achieve through online culture.” Jaime Arrendondo, Bold & Open

“Scott is a master at fostering human connection. Everyone feels seen and heard. He brings care, generosity, and practicality to co-create thriving online cultures.” Lisa Lambert, Brightspot Trust

“Scott Perry cultivates healthy, functional online culture through presence, curiosity, and keen convening skills that allow for generative pauses and necessary flow. He invites tangible, dynamic engagement that fuels reflective and responsive routines and relationships online.” Jodi Wert, Early Childhood Learning & Wellness Facilitator & Coach

“Scott masterfully creates frameworks for leading groups remotely while procuring emotional proximity and a non-judgmental space that supports productivity and professional fulfillment.” Damian Siqueiros, Art Director

“Scott's ability to lead through upheaval with a steady, focused presence made our remote team feel supported and empowered. Despite challenging circumstances, we actually had fun while getting important work done.” Kristin Hatcher, Writing Coach

“Scott models the cultural attributes he champions. He excels at helping leaders create safe spaces for teams to engage in compassionate, cooperative, effective, and encouraging conversation.” Dave Bates, Wise Insights