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If you're in or approaching midlife and seek to experience greater fulfillment, meaning, and joy through a purpose-driven encorepreneur endeavor, The Art of Encore Living was designed for you.


What is an encorepreneur endeavor? 

It might be:

  • Organizing, joining, or leading a cause
  • Creating a course, webinar, or workshop
  • Establishing a coaching/consulting program or community

Perhaps it's:

  • Writing a book, play, or screenplay
  • Starting a blog, podcast, or broadcast
  • Building a business, membership, or subscription service

Or maybe it's simply reconnecting with your true self and living, leading, and serving from the inside out?

It begins with committing to reconnect with who you really are, what you're really good at, and where you really belong. Are you ready to fully embrace the difference only you can make and live your legacy?

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