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to make things better.

Invest in yourself and step into possibility in the second half of life.

Master the Art of Encore Living

At the Art of Encore Living we help make midlife your best life by turning your hard-earned wisdom and experience into a fulfilling part-time coaching business so you can make a living while you make a difference.

Don’t die with the difference only you can make still inside. It’s time to live your legacy.

Align who you really are with what you’re really good at and where you really belong to make your nidlife your best life.

Here’s what Mariana, a coach, and community organizer, says about working with me.

“Scott helped me gain clarity, crystallize my idea, and find and serve my tribe. What a gift! I’m thrilled with the results I achieved.”

And Marianna is only one of the 100s of clients I helped create a meaningful and prosperous coaching business.

Want to be next?

You matter.

And you can make a difference through fulfilling work that helps others and enhances your retirement.

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You, and the change you seek to make, are worth it.

Have you wasted enough time imagining and planning to develop your potential? Tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere when you know you can make a difference?

Trust yourself. Invest in the difference only you can make. Get guided and get going.