Creative on Purpose presents:

The Purpose Solution

A 3-Step Process to Define the Difference Only You Can Make & Craft a Life Filled With Passion, Prosperity, and Possibility

with Scott Perry


Ready to live your legacy?


“Legacy isn’t the money or monuments you leave behind, it’s the difference you’re making right now.”

—Scott Perry, Onward: Where Certainty Ends, Possibility Begins

Don't die with the difference only you can make still inside.


Hey, Difference-Maker!


Let your life speak.

We all do the work we have to do to make a living and take care of our responsibilities.

When is it time for you to do the work you get to do?

"Let your life speak" is an old Quaker maxim and the title of a beautiful book by Parker J. Palmer about hearing and heeding your calling.

The call of vocation (AKA "the difference only you can make" or "your purpose") is ready, waiting, and available for you right now.


Feeling lost and empty? It's not your fault.

Our educational and occupational institutions are based upon compliance. You've been rewarded for following roadmaps, competing, and conformity.

To discover your unique purpose and live into your potential, you need a compass, a guide, and fellow travelers.

Are you ready to find fulfillment and forge meaning in a life that matters right now?

Living with purpose, on purpose, and for a purpose begins the moment you decide to do so.


Are you ready to move from occupation to vocation? 

What is your calling? What's the work you're meant to do now? 

It may be leading a cause, creating a course, or serving a community. Perhaps it's writing a book, starting a broadcast, or building a business?

Or maybe it's simply reconnecting with your true self and living, leading, and serving from the inside out?


The world needs you and the difference you can make.

Over the last several years, I helped hundreds of aspiring and advancing change agents level up as difference-makers as a head coach at Seth Godin's Akimbo Workshop for 4 years  and through my 6 years as Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose.

I help aspiring and advancing difference-makers like you live your legacy.

Legacy isn't the money or monuments you leave behind. It's the difference you're making right now—an endeavor that aligns who you are with what you're good at and where you belong.


You can do this! Let's work together to make things better.

The Purpose Solution employs principles and practices that are time-tested and scientifically vetted.

The process taught in this program is easy to understand and complete.

In a matter of hours you can define the difference only you can make and start leaning in and leveling up in an endeavor that matters.


Don't die with the difference only you can make still inside.

You can cultivate greater joy and equanimity while you lean in and level up as a difference-maker.

Your legacy is calling. Are you ready to heed vocation's invitation?

Let your life speak.

Ready? Let's go!

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

“Life doesn’t happen to you. Life happens through you. Choose your story. Choose your future.”—Scott Perry, Onward: Where Certainty Ends, Possibility Begins

"Pushed me to find answers within myself."

"Scott has a unique perspective on life, work, and making a difference. His thought-provoking questions pushed me to find answers within myself."  Jacqueline Davis, MBA

"Find your personal purpose."

"For the first half of life, we all follow a map; school, work, climbing the corporate ladder. But a map only works if it helps. Scott provides a compass to find your personal purpose." Jeff Horner, Advertising & Marketing Professional

Who is The Purpose Solution for?


This program is for anyone who seeks to experience greater fulfillment, meaning, and joy while developing their potential through a purpose-driven endeavor.


This process is for you if:

  • You're entering college or working life and seek to clarify a meaningful career to pursue
  • You're in mid-career, not satisfied, and looking for help defining a "what's next" that's worth it
  • You're retired or about to be, know you have more to contribute and need insight about the next steps

Here's what's inside The Purpose Solution.

3 Training Modules Taught by Scott Perry

Creative on Purpose Chief Difference-Maker, Scott Perry, will walk you through the 3 essential steps to find, define, and refine the difference only you can make (your purpose).  

Modules are pre-recorded. Work at your own pace. 

You'll learn essential concepts that are easy to understand and weave into your daily life. Each training includes worksheets and exercises to help you put the ideas into action.

Module Audio & Workbook Downloads

Every lesson includes an audio download of the training. A workbook is also included to enter your responses to the module questions and prompts. You keep this workshop content as a resource for reference during the program and beyond.

2 Bonus Modules

In Own Your Role, Scott provides templates for naming and niching a purpose-driven enterprise and connecting it with the right people.

In The Real Work, Scott shares simple processes for making better decisions and cultivating the routines and relationships that will support you as you continue to step into possibility and live your legacy.

Integrity • Intention • Impact

Here's What You'll Experience in This Program

  • Alignment of who you are with what you're good at and where you belong
  • Learning to define and deliver the difference only you can make
  • Developing a posture, mindset, and attitude for thriving as you live your legacy

My Promise and 100% Money-Back Guarantee

This powerful program has helped hundreds of aspiring and advancing difference-makers live their legacy. If you’re still reading and ready to heed the call of vocation, this program is for you!

To help you feel more confident taking this next step forward, I offer you a full money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, I’ll refund your payment within the first 48 hours. Simply reach out. I’ll send you a full refund, no questions asked.

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

Here's What's Inside the Program

Through 3 sequential modules, you'll dial in the difference only you can make (AKA "your purpose"). The lessons and prompts provide a clearer vision of who you are, what you're good at, and where you belong. Through 2 bonus modules, you'll learn to engage and activate your purpose and live your legacy.

Seize the moment and step into possibility!

Module 1

Start With Who: Define Your Values, Vision, & Guiding Principles

Here's what we explore:

  • Defining and leveraging your top 5 core values
  • Articulating your vision of a better world
  • Establishing guiding principles that serve as a compass

Module 2

What Are You Good At?  Take an Inventory of Your Skills & Talents

Here's what we explore:

  • How talents are different than skills
  • Dialing in your essential skills
  • Leveraging skills as assets

Module 3

Find Your Scene: How to Connect With the Right People

Here's what we explore:

  • Find and connect with those you seek to serve
  • Cultivating culture
  • Creating ripples of influence

BONUS Module 1

Own Your Role: Defining & Sharing the Difference Only you Can Make

Here's what we explore:

  • Naming the difference only you can make
  • Your cause and campaign
  • Spreading the word

BONUS Module 2

The Real Work: Cultivate the Mindset & Posture of a Thriving Difference-Maker

Here's what we explore:

  • Seeing, staying in, and sharing your power
  • Cultivating clarity and confidence by making better decisions
  • Routines and relationships that catalyze your endeavor

What People Are Saying

"I am so happy with the results I achieved!"

"Scott reminded me of my true essence. He helped me gain clarity and crystallize the idea for finding and serving my tribe. What a gift! I'm thrilled with the results I achieved. Scott's honesty and deep wisdom are hard to find and sorely needed. Thank you, Scott!" Mariana Konsolos, The Playground

"Clarify what you really want."

"Scott helps you to identify and clarify what you really want. He challenges you to take immediate action. And Scott's really, really good at helping you see your hidden talents, abilities, and gifts." Maurice Ting, CEO of Tinguza

"A Clear Way Forward"

"I wasn't sure what the next step was with my work. Scott helped me get clear so that I then could do the work necessary to move my endeavor forward." Nikki Lerner, Culture Coach

It's Your Time!

Today is the day you trust yourself and invest in your potential.

The journey begins right now.

Click the orange button below, and let's go!


You, and the change you seek to make, are worth it.

Haven't you wasted enough time imagining and planning to develop your potential?Are you tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere when you know you can make a difference?

Trust yourself. Invest in the difference only you can make. Get guided and get going.