I've helped dozens of teams cultivate healthy, highly functioning, and effective online working culture. Here's what members and leaders of those teams have to say about working with me.

Heather Vaughan-Southard, Movement Specialist

"For the last several years, my colleagues and I have tried to create a nurturing online community in our field and have fallen short. Then, I met Scott. He modeled exactly how to do it and now it is working. Scott knows how to lift people up, pulls provocative threads, and creates a space primed for dynamic interaction with clear boundaries, defined levels of interpersonal responsibility, and humor! In an online community, this translates to trust among members, where everyone gets to be seen, heard in real ways, and conversations are meaningful."

Beverley Glanville, Brand Ninja

"Scott effortlessly creates space allowing online communities reach deep insights, engage meaningfully, and flourish under his persistent and supportive guidance."

Randy Heller, Own the Turn

"Scott possesses rare skill in creating and nurturing online spaces. He'll help you define and reinforce what you seek to achieve through online culture."

Nerina Wright, Barrister

"Through deep listening and deep speaking, Scott facilitates online culture each person feels heard, seen, and valued. Sustained, meaningful, and powerful change happens." 

Kate Blairstone, Designer

"Online teams require no rules to govern behavior or contributions. Scott reveals how generous and vulnerable modeling lead to effective and productive communication."

Andrea Perniciano, Analyst

"Every person is a whole world. Scott embodies this concept. By example, Scott opened my eyes as to how I can leave a mark in the professional world."

Michi Mathias, Illustrator

"Scott facilitates online groups that benefit everyone. He creates a space for highly efficient, positive interaction organized in a friendly and caring manner." 

Valentina Troiani, Branding Maven

"Scott possesses the ability and power to create safe spaces where people can thrive under his guidance. His presence and support gave our team confidence and support to achieve our goals and create a true connection and make meaningful progress in our endeavors."

Louise Karch, Name Whisperer

"Scott possesses deep expertise in building positive learning communities. I heartily recommend Scott to leaders using online platforms to create change that matters."

Jaime Arrendondo, Bold & Open

"Scott possesses rare skill in creating and nurturing online spaces. He'll help you define and reinforce what you seek to achieve through online culture."

Lisa Lambert, Brightspot Trust

"Scott is a master at fostering human connection. Everyone feels seen and heard. He brings care, generosity, and practicality to co-create thriving online cultures." 

Swati D. Doshi, Human Results

"Scott's calm and cool presence is at the heart of his ability to observe and facilitate discussion. You won't go wrong in hiring Scott to help build a better online culture for your organization or team."

Mahmoud Alkawadri, Architect

"With his bold, direct, and relatable expertise and skill in cultivating online culture, Scott coaches managers to lead their teams to do work that matters each and every day."

Nikki Lerner, Culture Coach

"Scott's a dedicated practitioner of this work. He possesses rare and masterful skills for creating online culture that's inclusive, thoughtful, and intentional. I've found success adopting Scott's model in my work."

Jodi Wert,Early Childhood Learning & Wellness Facilitator & Coach

"Scott Perry cultivates healthy, functional online culture through presence, curiosity, and keen convening skills that allow for generative pauses and necessary flow. He invites tangible, dynamic engagement that fuels reflective and responsive routines and relationships online."

Colin Steele, Copy Coach

"The transition to digital-first or -only work isn't easy. Scott helped me make it as effectively as possible. He saved me time and energy, and helped me up my game as a member of a distributed digital team."

Staci Boden, Lead Facilitator

"Scott leads by example. His stellar ability with individuals as well as teams helps everyone gain the skills, trust and agency necessary to build a vibrant sustainable online culture together."

Lilian Mahoukou, Brand Strategist

"Scott goes beyond technology and deeper into the human part for getting the very best. His commitment to make you better is unique and his presence and perspective is always very positive."

Damian Siqueiros, Art Director

"Scott masterfully creates frameworks for leading groups remotely while procuring emotional proximity and a non-judgmental space that supports and productivity and professional fulfillment."

Kristin Hatcher, Writing Coach

"Scott's ability to lead through upheaval with a steady, focused presence made our remote team feel supported and empowered. Despite challenging circumstances, we actually had fun while getting important work done."

Dave Bates, Wise Insights

"Scott models the cultural attributes he champions. He excels at helping leaders create safe spaces for teams to engage in compassionate, cooperative, effective and encouraging conversation."

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