Are You Ready to Do the Work?

Leverage 1:1 and group coaching to catalyze your endeavor in this 4-week intensive.


This is program is offered quarterly.

It's Time to Be Creative on Purpose

Creativity is a fundamental human impulse we all leverage to make change happen. Difference-makers are creative on purpose and live their legacy.

Trying to fly higher in endeavors that enhance the lives of others? Then you know that work comes with challenges and uncertainty.

Difference-Maker Coaching and Community provides a process that promotes the daily practice that leads to real progress in the difference only you can make. 

What the January cohort has to say about their experience.

"Dare to be someplace else in 30 days."

"Clarity? Confidence? Sure. These are a given within the Difference-Maker Community, if you want them. The Do The Work Group Sprint, however, is about discomfort, flirting with being wrong, and daring yourself to be someplace else in 30 days. I highly recommend it.Tania Marien, Talatera


"I am so happy with the results I achieved in this sprint!"

"Scott reminded me of my true essence. He helped me gain clarity and crystallize the idea for finding and serving my tribe. The Difference-Maker Community is a huge add-on to the one-on-one sessions. It's safe place to share our unique perspectives, enriching the group. And to be part of it for life! What a gift! I'm so happy with the results I achieved in this sprint. I'll hire Scott every time I start a new project. His honesty and deep wisdom are hard to find! Thank you Scott for making the world a better place because of what you are doing!" Mariana Konsolos, The Playground


"Scott is the coach for you!"

"If you're looking for a partner to support you in shipping your idea while being encouraged and held accountable at the same time, Scott Perry is the coach for you! In this 1-month sprint, I unpacked my idea, launched it into the world, and am amazed at the interest and traction it is already receiving. Thank you, Scott!" Penny Harris ACC,   Renewable Philanthropy LLC

Here's What's Included in This Intensive

1:1 Coaching

Group Coaching

Coworking Calls

Accountability Calls

Now Enrolling July 2021 Cohorts 

Are you ready to get real about doing the work necessary to advance the difference only you can make? If so, we invite you to join us for the next Do the Work Intensive.

Advancing in your endeavor doesn’t have to be so hard, and you don’t have to do it alone. Let’s get together and get more focused, bold, and disciplined in endeavors that make a difference.

Scott Perry, husband, father, and Difference-Maker Coach at Creative on Purpose, is your guide in this program. You might also know Scott as a head coach in Seth Godin's Akimbo Workshops.

During the Do the Work 4-week program, you’ll define a specific goal and develop a direct strategy to achieve it. You’ll receive individualized support from Scott and leverage the power of community to keep yourself on the hook and stepping into your potential.

Each cohort is limited to six members. These are people like you, striving to develop themselves while making things better in work that serves others.

During this sprint, you’ll receive: 

  • An onboarding group call with Scott
  • 4 weekly one-on-one coaching call with Scott
  • 4 weekly group coaching call with the cohort

You also receive access to the exclusive Difference-Maker Community and other weekly calls:

  • A Monday on Purpose call to reflect on where you are and set an intention for where you want to be by week’s end
  • A Friday Office Hours call to get support and encouragement that will help you maintain momentum through the weekend
  • Three 2-hour coworking calls every week

What got you where you are won’t get you where you want to go. To fly higher in the difference only you can make, you need to see – and be – differently.

Tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere when you know you can make a difference? It’s time to invest in yourself and get the help that will propel you forward.

You and the change you seek to make are worth it. Join us in the next Do the Work Intensive and let’s go.

Questions? Email Scott: [email protected].


More Insights from the January Cohort


You and the change you seek to make are worth it.

Haven't you wasted enough time imagining and planning how to develop your potential and deliver on your promise? Tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere when you know you can make a difference?

Invest in yourself. Get the help that will propel you forward. Let's work together and make a difference through work done with and for the right people.

Click the orange button, and let's go.