Lindsay Recknell - "If it matters to you, it matters (full stop)."

tips from podcast guests Apr 29, 2022

Insight and inspiration for flying higher in the difference only you can make from guests who have appeared on Creative on Purpose Live.

This week's wisdom comes from a conversation with Lindsay Recknell, Expert in Hope and founder of Mental Health in Minutes. Tune into the entire conversation here.

[LINDSAY] "If it matters to you, it matters. Full stop."

"There is always going to be somebody in the world who has it worse than you, who has it better than you, who is going to judge you, who is going to support you. It doesn't matter."

"What matters is what's going on for you. What you are feeling called to do. What feels like is an alignment with your purpose. If it matters to you, it matters, and you get to do it."

"You get to explore. You get to learn. You get to talk about it."

"If it matters to you, it matters. Full stop." 

Lindsay just delivered a powerful insight about the work you get to do. What matters to you? How might you start doing more of that today?

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose.

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